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Saturday, September 4, 2010

life is like a box of chocolates

my life is like a box of assorted chocolates right now.  some moments milk chocolate with gooey caramel (mmm), or toffee covered in chocolate. other moments dark chocolate with  coconut or cherry filling (ick), or my least favorite -chocolate ruined by NUTS!

the boy's first week of school has gone well.  the day before school something occurred to me that brought me tremendous peace; (is that good use of a semi-colon?  i never know)  i'm not worried about noah going to school because i KNOW God wants noah to go, and i KNOW God is going to be glorified through him.  the only reason i'm sad is because i am going to miss him.
when i have felt concern at all this week regarding school  i've just gone back to this God-assurance.

i picked noah up from school that first day, and as we walked back to the van i said, "you know i really want to hug you right now, but i'm being cool." he looked at me and smiled an appreciative smile.  then,  right there in the parking lot with his classmates nearby he moved towards me and hugged me!

as we were in the car on the way home, noah  shared that another letting-her-kids-go-to-traditional-school-for-the-first-time mom had stayed on campus all day.  i commented on my jealousy, and how i'd mentioned to his teachers that i'd like to be a jr. high room mother (i was encouraged to loosen the apron strings).  noah, whose not use to a class filled with jr. highers said to me, "NO, YOU DON'T! those kids would drive you NUTS! no, they would drive you banana bread with nuts!"  he's very witty, and probably right.   

in other non-noah related news (because my life is not just about noah) something HUGE (for us) is happening in our lives right now.  i really, REALLY, want to tell you about it because it is coolawesome, and God is making it happen, and it is another something that i would typically not be okay with, but i KNOW God wants it to happen so i have peace about it, and i have peace about all that it entails (and was that the longest run-on sentence ever?).  however, i have to wait to tell you. don't you hate it when somebody tells you they want to tell you something, but then they don't. 

and in even more news (because i'm just going to spew a lot of the happenings around here on you now) a few weeks ago i had an mri.   have you ever had an mri?  yikes!  the mri machine that i was in is transported by truck trailer back and forth across california.  weird.   if you haven't had an mri, and may need to in the future i feel compelled to give you a warning; it sounds/feels like you are lying flat on your back in an x-wing (think luke skywalker) shooting at the death star, while listening to the drummer from def leopard (who had one arm, and played amazingly) lay down a track.  it was FRREEEAAAKKKYYY!!   the reason i needed an mri  is that i hurt my back a year ago.  the mri showed that the discs (which i learned are jelly like) are worn, and are wearing on my nerves (and i thought it was just the kids getting on my nerves).  i've had numbness down my leg and left arm for some time now, as well as pain in my back.   i begin physical therapy next week.  i'm getting an epidural/cortisone injection  in my back in a few weeks. do you have any experience with this?  i have so many questions.

in funny news i used an anti-aging face-mask last week (from LUSH).  after i removed it i asked if i looked younger.  josie said i looked "20 minuets younger."  she is a funny girl.  just in case she was serious i put it on everyday last week.  now i look 2 hours younger.
 the tooth-fairy came to our house last week (i should write an entire post about the tooth-fairy happenings around here. she is a little odd).  noah had lost a tooth, but after he pulled the tooth, the tooth broke in half.   anyways, as usual he put the broke-in-half tooth under his pillow in hopes of a cash prize.  the tooth-fairy did not come the first night because it was a sunday (this has happened before).  she came monday night, left 50 cents (they usually get $1) and 1/2 a candy bar.  guess that is the going rate for two halves of a tooth (i'll tell you some other time what happens if you swallow your tooth. i'll give you a hint- extraction fee!).

after going camping i thought i was fat (this is how you feel if you eat two s'mores a day for 5 days. you also feel this way if you hurt your back and haven't been able to exercise for a year).  i came home and started counting calories using a weight watcher's points book i got from my sister.  i have lost 4lbs!  i'm now wondering how many points are in a s'more?

i'm considering buying a pair of skinny jeans (key word being"considering" ).  i'm wondering does one have to be skinny to wear skinny jeans?  if your not skinny are they still called skinny jeans?  i'm confused by skinny jeans.  maybe i shouldn't buy any.  i'm thinking the whole process could be equally as painful as going swimsuit shopping (last time i went swimsuit shopping i was on painkillers- for my back. if i wasn't a moral person i would sell vicodin to fellow moms who must endure the pain of swimsuit shopping).

finally (because your sick of hearing me ramble on about everything and nothing, and wondering why i posted about "life being like a box of chocolates," because at this point in my post it makes no sense, and all i did was make you want chocolate),  josie and i were playing a game called "table talk" today.  table talk is actually a set of cards that ask questions in order to spark conversation (i know what your thinking, i don't need help striking up a conversation. see this for example).  one question  i  was given to ask josie was, "what is your favorite family memory?" josie paused, thought, then gave her answer, "every day is my favorite."  :-)

and now you can see blog friend that this post has been "like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get."


Thea Nelson said...

I LOVE that Noah hugged you on the way to the car. :)

Oh, and I cannot wait to hear your news...I know it is going to be GOD! I mean, good! I mean, GOD!

Candace Tallmon said...

Ok - I have to say that this ramble is one of my fave blog posts ever. EVER.

Cari said...

Both of my boys are going to school for the first time this year. I am teaching at the school, so it's not quite as weird as it would otherwise be. One day my 6th grader left his line on the playground to come over and hug and kiss me. He said, "The guys in my class didn't believe you were my mom. They said, 'prove it', and Mr. P (his teacher) nodded, so I came over here to prove it." He's never embarrassed to hug and kiss me. I'm very lucky that way. :)

Simply Sara said...

oh noah you are the coolest 7th grader EVER! what a little sweetheart.

ok, so i'll make you a deal...if you buy skinny jeans, i will too! (eeks! they scare me) only i'll need to wait until the spring- sound good?! cuz, let's be honest NO ONE will want to see me in them before that. haHA! i laughed when you said that you had 2 smores a day for 5 days. i was thinking- that's it??? i'd totally lack the self control to stop at 2!
know that i'm still praying for you and all the happenings in the jones house! love ya!

~the call of the Collings'~ said...

1st I know all about ruptured and or herniated discs and or deteriorating discs! Ask me anything you want and I will try and answer it for you. I have had a ruptured disc in my L-5 since I was 15 : )
2nd I REALLY want banana bread right now!!
3rd I believe skinny jeans are just not created for women : )
4th Ryan really enjoys Noah, and is beyond DONE with that other mom! Oy vey...don't get me started!
5th I LOVE that you are going to be the "room mom"! Ry told me last week and I literally jumped for joy...cause he wont let me be one until I actually have a kid in school!!! : (

Michelle said...

I love random posts. It's how I actually talk in real life, so it's easy to keep up. I can't wait to hear your news.

Stacey said...

I love your random post.

Thank you for that first paragraph where you talked about God wanting him to go, and you just missing him. That's what I feel like with my Evie going to kindergarten. She is so excited and instead of me being all depressed and anxious about her going, I should be excited too! I should be praising God that she is so excited! Thank you for this reminder. 2 days...(not that I'm counting)

MRI...YES! I have had one. On my head. I was having these headaches and weird tingling feelings so they gave me an MRI on my head. Had NO clue it was going to be so loud. It was freaky!

Skinny jeans...Get them. I bought a pair last year and I do NOT have the hips or thighs to pull off skinny jeans. Trust me. I'm short with a good sized bootie. BUT I bought them to wear with boots and they are fantastic. Now, I would never wear them with flats, but love them with boots. I think you should get a pair.

Have a wonderful holiday and can't wait to hear your news!

deb said...

you so made me smile here this morning.

you would so rock the skinny jeans. jeggings even.

it gives me shivers thinking of your back issues. Hope this gets resolved soon.

togetherforgood said...

I've been thinking about you . . . hope the cortizone injection gives you some relief. And this post made me smile. :)

Paige said...

That was a great post...I relate totally to the randomness of never knowing what you will get--

*I love that Noah hugged you in front of anybody who might see.

*I HATE that you have a secret and won't tell...that kills me...but I will wait for the good news (secretly hoping it means you will be moving east...)

*I have had an MRI so I can relate to the freakiness of it all. Sorry about your back pain.

*I LOVE my skinny jeans (and you know from my WIWW posts that I am NOT skinny)--but they are the MOST comfortable jeans I have!!! And I mean it. Got mine at Ann Taylor LOFT...modern skinny. Go for it!

Have a super Sunday!


Tasha said...

I just love you. Really and truly. You make me happy. That was one of the best part of my day. And I was having a really good day too. I just laughed my way through the entire thing. The whole thing about Noah made me happier then happy. It just goes to show what a cool and amazing Mom you are. I love that he stopped and gave you that hug. You are raising good kids and it just makes me happy. And then the whole Josie thing and your "20 minutes younger"...happiness (and supper funny). Smiles and happiness. I love it all. And life is like a box of chocolates. Yep it is true. I worked on headbands for you this weekend (still not done..but see they are coming...just at slow Tasha rate because I seem to just have a problem with saying I will do a few too many things these past couple weeks) and I got to think about you while I made them. I think it is my favorite thing about making something for someone else. Anyways, this post just topped it all off. Hope your next week is a good one my friend. Thanks for rambling. Do it again sometime. This just made me happy.

Tasha said...

P.S. And I cannot wait to hear your news...and yes it always is so hard when someone tells me things like that and doesn't share the rest...but I know it will be worth the wait.

denise said...

You have the best kids. Seriously. I love 'em and I've never even met 'em!

I cannot wait for your news! I hope you spill it soon. In the meantime, I hope the treatment for your back relieves the pain.

I've been scared of skinny jeans because, although I am technically "skinny," my rear is not. But it seems like you got several positive comments about them, so I'm thinking maybe I need to try a pair. Let me know how it goes for you.

Lynn said...

I love this post for all it's random awesomeness. Love that your sweet boy gave you a hug....he's a keeper.

Love that you are considering skinny jeans. You rock!

I'm dying to know your news. God does a lot of cool awesome things with you and your fam.

Your kids are witty...I love that.

I'm an occupational therapist. I can try to answer back questions for you. Not fun stuff.

Johnna Brunenkant said...

I loved reading this. You are a great writer. And girl I am totally with you on the skinny jeans thing! So confusing. Anyway, I hope you find yourself rambling again... that was great.

Johnna Brunenkant said...

Oh I forgot to add that I too just got back from a two week camping trip. Our local grocery store sells giant marshmallows, each one about the size of a baseball. This was our first experience with my daughters cooking s'mores, and while they loved the cooking process, the princesses didn't enjoy the "gooey" getting all over them. So for three nights in a row, I ended up eating 3 people's servings of s'mores. When I got on the scale after the trip, I was shocked (not really) to discover that I had gained 10 LBS. (!!!!!) on our trip. YIKES... I'm not sure I'll ever eat another s'more again, but certainly not one made with a marshmallow the size of a baseball, and certainly not 3 of them!!!