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Monday, September 20, 2010

"just a mom" who moonlights as a beth moore promotor

most days i am "just a mom."

i wake up early,

i inhale coffee, as the bible is read at the breakfast table (which also serves as the classroom, cafeteria, craft room, and dinner table),

i french-braid hair,

manage chores,

demand that teeth get brushed,

drive taxi,

create lesson plans, teach, correct papers,

clean toilets (i'm very good at this),

speak truth over 3 young lives,

hang laundry,

pay bills,



and all day, i pray.

i know that what i do here as "just a mom" doesn't just impact the day to day but that it will have great impact on all our tomorrows, and not just on our tomorrows,  but on my children's children's tomorrows.

for that reason i take my "just a mom" job seriously.

however, yesterday in my "just a mom" world, i had a fun surprise-  i received an email from my former campus life leader.  he said he had seen me on a promo video!  wwwwhhhaaattt???
it appears that i have been moonlighting as a beth moore promotor! check out this video to see this "just a mom" at work!


Simply Sara said...

ahhhhhhh! you're famous!!!
AHHHHHH your hair!!!

seeing you makes me miss you more!
wish we were neighbors and could do this mama gig together, side by side.

p.s i did a french-braid in my daughter's hair for the first time last night. but i think i need further tips from a professional. please come to canada ;)

The Writer Chic said...

AHHHHHH your hair!!!

Could you be any prettier? Love it!

Paige said...

You are famous!!!!!! And your hair was so long. You rocked it girl. You should ask for some kick backs! :)

Love you...and meat and potatoes!


Anonymous said...

ok, i had to watch it again, but i do remember you being there.
love mom

denise said...

I love that you're famous now. And hey, if you're going to promote someone, Beth Moore should be it!

I've tried a hundred or so times to french braid my daughter's hair and it always drives me crazy (and turns out looking like a bird's nest). Ever think of vlogging a tutorial or something?