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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


this week my grandmother, josefina, is visiting.

i love my grandmother.

she is a worrying, set-in-her-portuguese-ways, passionate, quick to speak, very slow to listen, opinionated, and persistent 84 year old woman (sound like someone else you know). 

she also loves deeply and unconditionally, is generous with her life (she gave hers up to raise me), hard-working, and tells the tallest tales ever!

she has the softest hands, the sweetest smile, and the jolliest laugh.

i absolutely adore her!



Anonymous said...

Aw. Have a wonderful visit!

Paige said...

So precious, Denise. I love your description of her. And I can hear her laughter in her picture!

Have a great time!


Simply Sara said...

you are both too beautiful.
wish i could come over an enjoy sweet bread with you and listen to some of vava's tall tales :)

enjoy your vist!

Tasha said...

Have fun with her. That is such a cute picture of the two of you.

deb said...

I know I would adore this beautiful real woman.
She sounds like my Italian mother in law, who is 84.
And I give her so much credit in saving me.
Except I don't think I tell her enough.
Enjoy your time together.

Lynn said...

Many reasons to love this lovely lady. Hope you have a blast together.

denise said...

She sounds like a character - in a good way. Not too surprising since she's related to you!