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Friday, September 17, 2010

i'll fly away

i didn't intend on blogging again this week.
i've poured so much of my heart out, and thought i was done... until i visited Deb from Talk At The Table.
Her post is titled, "prelude to my death." Like all her writing, it is beautiful and heart stirring.  Deb writes her thoughts on dying.

Death is a subject people often choose to ignore.

It is an inevitable reality we all will face.

My brother-in-law works for his county's morgue. i tell him that he as well as obgyn's have job security, as man-kind will always have a beginning and an end.

C.S. Lewis says, "i am a soul, i have a body."  Oh, how wonder-full God's mysterious ways!  i  marvel at the REALITY that when my body reaches it's finish line here, my soul will not.  My end will really be my beginning!

i look forward to the day, "i'll fly away."

Still,  i hope to live many, many, many more years here.  If it is God's will, i will glorify him here on earth till my hair is all gray, till my hands and face show the lines of a life lived in victory.  i long to live to see my children, grand-children, and all my great grandchildren,  for i want to  place my hands on them and speak blessing over their lives.

And when i finally make it Home there will be a celebration this side of Heaven...

Those in attendance will dress in birthday brights.

There will be a picture show celebrating moments that my life wrapped Love around them (oh God let there be many).

My children will say, "a good man leaves an inheritance for his children's children." they will delight in the Wealth of a mother who gave them God- living, breathing, moving, knowing, wonder-full, magnificent, GOD! ("riches i need not, nor man's empty praise thou mine inheritance now and always" from the hymn Be Thou My Vision).

Testimony will be shared of a life lived in Victory, and of Jesus WHO GAVE HIS LIFE for me. 

There will be balloons! Oh, yes, one for each guest to release into heaven, and as they release them, all the voices i loved here will sing, "i'll fly away."
just thinking about that glorious day i imagine myself joining with them in song while square dancing with my Maker! 
i will promenade with our Creator,  be lead into a right hand star with my Caleb, next i'll do-si-do with my beloved grandfather,  and then i will allamande left with my dear friend Nicole 

They will celebrate my BIRTHday with the all the saints who have gone before me, with the angels, with the Spirit, Son, and Father.

They will CELEBRATE that i now LIVE fully in God's tangible "love better than life." ( from Psalm 63:3-4. my favorite verses, and life mission statement).

And God will be glorified!


Anonymous said...

Oh girl. I would really appreciate it if next week you would post about socks or maybe your hair.

I can't take all the crying I've been doing over your blog this week. ;)

Lynn said...

lol at togetherforgood's comment.

I had to take a deep breath after this post. Girl, you make my soul tingle. If I don't get to meet you in person on this earth, I will certainly join you in that heavenly party.

Simply Sara said...

death is really a beginning.
letting that reality once again sink deep into my soul...

you make me want to be better.
to live better.
to glorify my Maker better.

love you.

deb said...


I know I was only dealing with one aspect of it, something that had been on my mind.
I was touched when , after writing this, I read how you honoured your son's body and soul after he passed.
I admire your strength in doing that real.

And thank you for getting me.

I do love you.