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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Next to you, next to me

We left our wedding reception in my father-in-love's green 1953 Chevy truck.  As we drove away the song "Next To you, Next To Me" played...

Ridin' down the road in my pick-up truck
Ya better be ready cause I'm pickin' you up
With a full moon a shinin' and a little bit a' luck
We'll run out outta gas and maybe get stuck

We could get lost honey I don't care
I ain't worried as long as you're there
There ain't no place that I'd rather be
Next to you, sittin next to me

There ain't no place that I'd rather be
Next to you, next to me

Each year around our anniversary we hop in that wonderful old pick up truck and take a stroll down memory lane. We remember the 22 year olds who drove off into their future.  We look back, and drink in God's "grace upon grace" in our lives (this week I need it).  We hope forward, committed to remain in Christ, "Next to you, next to me."

Photo above taken with my cell phone

Update- I had the epidural/cortisone injection in my back last week. The procedure itself went well. As a result I have been uncomfortable for much of the week.  I am just beginning to feel some relief in my back. Physical therapy has also brought some relief.  Unfortunately not a moment after my back  pain began to subsided other pain occurred.  I have an abscessed tooth (ouch), and am scheduled for a root canal (and yes, I do brush, floss, and visit my dentist 2x a year).  

Needless to say I am worn down from pain.  An ugly version of myself  (boo).
Prayers for an extra dose of grace {towards myself} would be greatly appreciated for my family (especially my husband, who as I mentioned above is committed to be "next to me.").


Paige said...

Boo! I had no idea you were in such pain! I will be praying for you all day!

Love you-

deb said...

how do you shine when you are in pain?

I learn from you, I do.

I wish I could make your pain go away ,
but I'll pray ...

hugs to you , gentle ones,

Anonymous said...

Living in pain is so hard. I know this. I pray that God gives you peace and relief, and that His grace is evident while you wait. (((hugs)))

Michael said...

I will always be next to you.


Tasha said...

Wow, that is a lot of pain. I will be praying for you. Oh, that does not sound fun at all.

The memory lane though does sound fun. What a great thing to do each year.

Paige said...

Oh man!!!! are the sweetest! :)

Girl...I sure hope you are feeling better! I saw your comment on my blog...the dress is from the spring...don't know if they have it anymore. Just wanted to let you know. :)

denise said...

I love that your husband commented on this post!

I'm so sorry you're hurting. I'm praying for you.

Alexis said...

I'm so sorry you're struggling with back pain. Praying for relief and the ability to manage the pain with a thankful heart. {{hugs}}.

Stacey said...

First off-LOVE that pic. Love it.

Second-I'm praying for you!

Third-I just realized that your hubby commented. Too sweet.