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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

before & after

i'm spinning in a million different directions this week (i might not be exaggerating this time).  so busy.

busy is good and keeps my mind off missing the boy.  i'm seeing this busyness as God's tender mercy for me this week (make it month!  the whole month is going to be KRAAAZZZYY).

so busy that i've little time to think of anything intelligent to post here in blogville.  so instead i'll leave you with pix of a room redo we just finished last weekend (it was my goal to get it done before school started.  yes, i procrastinated till the last summer-break-minuet).

 the girls' room before
time to say goodbye to the black & white polka dot trim. 
puppet theater, a christmas gift for the kids in 04, made by my husband. 
doll beds homemade chritmas gifts in 09.

why is it blurry? oh well, i'm leaving it. 

and tadaaa!!!!!

after adding the board & batten look the bunks needed a pop of color.  i whipped up these pillows (really! whipped'em up. they are that easy.  just don't look at the back of them where i came up a bit short on fabric. ooops).

one more project is under way for their walls.  hopefully that little (somehow turned big) project will wrap up by the end of this week.   i'll keep you posted! (haha, that is funny "posted" get it).

Did you have any summer projects you put off till the last minuet... or that you just put off?


Michelle said...

Looks good. I can't wait to get at my kids rooms. We just to have to determine the sleeping arrangements around here first.

Anonymous said...

does mowing the yard count? *giggle*

your "last minuet" made me laugh. Every year I help do writing assessments on the college kids where my hubby works, and one year someone wrote that he waited until the last minuet, only he didn't do it on purpose. And now every time we meet someone always has to say that, and then we all laugh, because we're English nerds, and that's what we do.

Tasha said...

oh i just love it. Really really love it. The walls. The pillows. All of it. (I {heart} those tiny cute doll beds with matching blanets) And did I put off any projects...too many. I am not even going to list them. But, we (meaning my husband, and me cheering him on) finished a new desk for our family room. I am super excited about it. I will post pictures after we buy the hardware this weekend. It was a fun learning project. Way to still get your project in! And good luck with your very KRAZY week...or month.

deb said...

you make me tired just reading here:)I'd still be recovering from the camping.
I get you actually, about staying busy in the missing. I have some projects lined up for next week when my other three go back to school.
and maybe some writing?

and maybe some walking the talk re my mom. I am not sure how this will go, I actually am quite certain it will not be good. But I know that I have to at least have some measure of closure so to speak. Not necessarily a relationship, but an honesty. Grace.Always the grace.

Simply Sara said...

we had one project to finish before going back to school. update E's room. poor kid, we've been in this house for 2 1/2 years and painted every single room EXCEPT his :(

with the new babe on the way we promised him his room would get done this summer- cuz i knew baby will get priority- gotta have a cute nursery, right?

anyways we left it until the weekend before school and finally got the room painted. but nothing on his walls yet... still procratinating. BUT i have a plan. hopefully we'll get it finished soon :)

your girls room is darling. i might need to come down there and get some sewing lessons from ya. i haven't turned on my machine in a looooooooooong time!
hope you week/month isn't too k-razy!

Tasha said...

Happiness. Thank you for linking it up friend. :)

denise said...

LOVE the pillows. Very, very cute. You have the funnest (it's a word) ideas.

I also love painting and (small) home improvement projects, strangely enough. Go figure.

Kristen said...

cute cute cute! i love it.

the pillows turned out darling.

none of my summer projects are finished.... they are all on hold until our big gigantic desk gets sold then i can begin a few remodels. hopefully soon, c'mon craigs list don't fail me now!

Paige said...

every summer project I had on my list has been officially put off. :) I hate that for my house but I have zero energy to get it done.

The room looks great!