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Monday, August 30, 2010

big girl panties- check!

i woke up this a.m. "put my big girl panties on, and got on with it."

surprise the kids with the annual first day of school breakfast- check!

read scripture and pray with the kids- check!

model new converse (or "congers" as josie likes to refer to them)- check!

get first day of school photos taken with the school photographer (a.k.a daddy)- check!

take the boy to school-check!

think about him when he had his first day of preschool-check! (probably should have sterred clear of this one).  
(i give you permission to laugh at my BIG hair and the what-was-i-thinking outfit!)

waterproof mascara-check!
swim-goggles (in case sunglasses aren't enough)-check!
GINORMOUS chocolate bar (if swim-goggles aren't enough)-check!

ready or not let him go, and trust the One who goes before him-check, check, CHECK!



Lynn said...

I love how Emilie has a style all her own....and isn't afraid to show it!

Love the 2000 pic. Great way to start my morning. ;o)

Michelle said...

I think you may have to go straight to the chocolate to get through this one.

PS Your outfit wasn't too bad. I had worse :)

Simply Sara said...

oh, you are such a big girl! way to go mama :)

i am so stealing your "annual first day of school breakfast" idea!

Tasha said...

You are such a cute Mom. I love your surprise breakfast. How fun is that! Good luck with your sons first day gone. Sigh. Good thing you have the chocolate bar to get you through :)

Alexis said...

I LOVE the pictures! Your children are darling. I would have definitely eaten the chocolate bar BEFORE I left the house...actually, probably would have eaten it last night!

The Writer Chic said...

I think the circa 2000 pic is AWESOME -- outfit and all! =)

The Writer Chic said...
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denise said...

How can you make me laugh and cry in the same post? That preschool picture just got me!

Now I need a chocolate bar.

Anonymous said...

oi that little person . . . I hope you're settling into your groove and loving your new routine. :)

Paige said...

OK...daddy is a rockin' photographer. Those were awesome is he surviving school outside of the house? How are you surviving it?


stacey said...

Love this post. I'm taking some pointers from you for my day next week! Love how you included the preschool pic. Your kids are super cute.

Have I mentioned I love this post?

Karen said...

Denise, you have so been in my prayers this week. Your words brought tears. And then my prayers were led to thanksgiving. We are so truly, awesomely blessed in our sorrows and tears. Your overwhelming love, the relationship, the thousands of moments shared with your precious boy - have all brought you to this place. Could we be any more blessed to have our hearts hurting over missing our children? Think how much He loves us that way! Be and rejoice in every moment!

Kristen said...

yeah for the first day!

we always start early and morgan is still on her summer schedule so landon schools in am and morgan in pm. i may have to do something to celebrate our first day on our "normal" routine next year.

love the preschool pic.... that outfit is standard teacher uniform in the late 90's early 00's. i am sure i wore that combo at least once a week :O)