To Read on the Journey

Thursday, August 26, 2010


We interrupt the regular scheduled vlogging to announce this message: 


Anonymous said...

Aw. That's sweet. I love you with all my butt too!

Tasha said...

That is hilarious. Thank you for the laugh this morning.

Thea Nelson said...

Denise, I love you with all my hair. Considering the mess atop my head and the humidity in the south, that's like the highest compliment ever.

Lynn said...

Bah ha ha!!!! Hilarious! Loved your vacation pix and videos too. You guys are just too fun!

The Writer Chic said...


Loving your vaca posts. I spent the summer of '04 working at a Christian camp near Santa Cruz. LOVED it and really want to take my family back to visit someday.

Paige said...

so not what I was thinking it would be but laughing so hard right now. I love you with my whole butt too!

thank you for always making me smile.


Anonymous said...

I love you with all my heart.
love mom

Simply Sara said...

i love you with all my butt too... and i'm pretty sure my butt's bigger!!!


Anonymous said...

I love all your posts, butt this one really topped the charts for me. ; )
Laura (Welch) Cuneo