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Friday, August 27, 2010

beach play & a bit of "porkacheese"

jones beach

josie in sand

if reading from facebook, visit here to see complete post with videos.


Simply Sara said...

ahahahaha YOU'RE 41?!?!?! hehehe
loved that!

and i'm sorry but you are just way to resourceful with the whole car heater drying your hair.
loved that too!

and now i reallllly want a slice of that pizza. and a t-shirt.
loved that too.

i want to go camping with the jones family!

Kristen said...

josie + math = :o)

i love good pizza but good pizza would NOT have included pesto. i think i got sick just hearing that combo. do not ruin a good pizza with pesto. i DO love the shirt. LOVE it!

looks like you guys had a great time. i agree with sara, very resourceful with the hair. i am impressed.

Sarah Markley said...

all of this made me miss you SOOO much.

Tasha said...

You have the cutest family ever. Seriously. I was just cracking up and loving the whole entire thing. The sand castle was amazing...sad the water was starting to ruin it. And wow $5 for pizza and a shirt? Amazing. Seriously. Way to go camping even though you don't like it. Really, that was fun.

Michelle said...

You sound like my kind of camper. I usually have to have a daily shower or "bath" in the tent. However, I never thought of using the van for a blow dryer. I wonder if my hubby would let me. We're camping in a week. I'll keep you updated.

Jennifer said...

ummm.... Pizza My Heart is Charles favorite pizza too! he told me he's been eating there for 30 years! he's only taken me there once though :o(

denise said...

Fun! Your beach trip looked a lot warmer than ours. Guess that's the difference between the CA and OR coasts, huh?