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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

roller coaster of love

after camping in san simeon for two nights we headed north along the pacific ocean to our next camp sight, new brighton beach (near santa cruz, and the santa cruz beach boardwalk). 

wear earplugs while watching the following videos. failure to wear earplugs may result in one of the following symptoms: hearing change or loss, general discomfort, vertigo, an intense need to purchase me a life time supply of ear plugs, an urgency to pray for my sanity, uncontrollable laughter (second video), and incontinence (from the uncontrollable laughter as a result of watching the second video). 


after watching the second video josie asked me if that's what i looked like when i was in labor? i'm guessing, yes, and i'm sure i shouted "i want off, i want off, i want off!"

f.y.i.  during the summer, on monday and tuesday evenings after 5:00, the santa cruz beach boardwalk's rides, hot dogs, soda, and cotton candy can each be purchased for $1.

boardwalk 1



deb said...

I used to love love camping, I do prefer cabins or cottages now. And I can do the pony tail thing.

You are a incredible mother.
An incredible inspiration .

and what you said, I think that I'm done bleeding, although there are scars.
but I am afraid of messing up the good thing we've got going now. Isn't that horrid. This is my dark.

Kristen said...

i would totally LOVE the rides. i especially love rollercoasters. fun fun fun!!

your video cracked me up. where did you have the camera??? i would have been worried it would fly off the roller coaster! impressive my friend.

Tasha said...

So fun. Now that looks like a perfect family trip. I love Santa Cruz. We have not been back in 7 years. I think it is time to plan a trip that way. How did you do those videos? You are so fun.

Bella Della said...

I will watch the videos later when I get home. But so funny we posted the same thing today.

I LOVE coasters. LOVE amusement parks in general. It's so good to be somewhere that just allows you to be a kid again.

PS- As far as I know the boy in the accident is doing well. I've reached out but not had any responses. The last I heard he was okay. Lucky.

denise said...

Hilarious! I can't believe you held your camera during the coaster ride.

I love vacations. We're headed to the beach this weekend and I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

cute pic, i can still hear you screaming.