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Friday, August 13, 2010

around the house

i was visiting lisa leonard's blog today where she was sharing pix of her new home.
her home has an ocean theme throughout. she asked the reader what the theme of their home was.

this was my answer.

the theme of our home, hmmm... "us." i think our home looks like us, like our little family. i think the style of our home is uniquely tailored to fit our family's personalities. it can't be duplicated, and can never be outdated. i love it. it is my favorite place to be.



master bed

back patio

does your home have a theme?

do you have a favorite spot in your home?


togetherforgood said...

Please please please tell me that you had to clean like a maniac to get your home looking so good. :)

I LOVE that picture frame above your bed. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

If our house has a theme, it's "Kids Live Here." It's pretty much always messy. I'm coming to terms with that.

Thea Nelson said...

First, your home is exquisite. Beautifully decorated, yes--but you just know LOVE HAPPENS THERE.

My favorite spot in my home is the chair by the windows where I have my quiet time. Or my bedroom. Or the rocking chair where I rock my children.

I have a dream for my future favorite spot--I have always DREAMED and prayed toward having a quiet time room. It doesn't have to be big, but I imagine a big window, a comfy chair, a side table for my Bible and journal, and a music player in case I just want to worship. I would love to have one spot where I could go to meet with Him, knowing that it would be used ONLY to meet with Him.

Someday. :)

Tasha said...

That is so fun to see your home. I love your bedroom best. I am a red lover and you used the perfect amount. Currently my home has no theme. We have lived here for a year and I have come so far as to almost decorate one room. Is that sad or what? There have been too many other projects we have been forking the money out too and I am waiting to do what I want (kind of) the mean time this is actually the thought I keep asking myself "What is your theme Tasha?" I am such an undecisive person it seems to change a bit too much. I sure do love your home. It looks so inviting and friendly.

Simply Sara said...

a couple weeks ago we bought a new (to us) kitchen table. it looks like it is your kitchen table's identical twin :)

your home is very lovely.
i want to come over and sit outside with you on your swing.