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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"sharon stone" and other randomness

put on your seat-belt and hold on, cause this post is going to be one crazy (random) ride!

first, i know your all (okay maybe two of you) dieing to know about my kidney boulder (who we are now referring to as "sharon").  i was scheduled last wednesday for surgery.  however, i hadn't had symptoms for a week, so i asked for an x-ray.  the x-ray was inconclusive.  the dr. told me he believed sharon was still there because he's certain i would have felt such a ginormous boulder pass (my translation of dr. talk).  he told me i had a decision to make.  my "basic instinct" was to not have surgery.
i won't lie, my tummy was gurgling because i hadn't eaten for 16 hours.  in addition i hadn't seen my husband for 3 days (he'd been hiking mt. shasta with summit adventure), plus we were kidless for the first time in weeks!  i didn't want to waste another minuet of this time together in a hospital, i wanted a lunch date!
so i could or could not be expecting sharon stone???  i may never know.

as i type my son is in his p.j's walking around the house in his new pair of converse.  yesterday he walked around the house wearing his new backpack.  he is breaking in his new shoes and backpack which were purchased for him for school... traditional school!
i still don't want him to go to school, i want to keep home and mine i know God wants him to go.
i grab him and hug him for long periods of time, and tell him i miss him already.  i'm trying to break myself in for the 180 days of school ahead of us.

thankfully we still have 20 more days left of summer vacation.

we are going to get every ounce of enjoyment we can out of this summer vacation.  we have to since noah will be gone so much during the school year, and we won't have the flexibility of homeschooling.

last week we vacationed on bass lake.bass lake 10may the 4ks be with you
we spent the week with the in-laws and their oldest and dearest friends.  we also spent the week with my s.i.l. and her kids.  the week was spent eating yummy vacation food, playing games, making memories together, and perfecting the art of tanning.
how to tan the back of your legs
the kids and i took time out of our busy vacationing schedule to throw a little breakfast birthday party for a handsome 3 year old.  junk cereal and sprinkle donuts are the way to a 3 year olds heart. 

we didn't spend our entire week on the shore, some of it was spent on the lake where emilie learned to water ski. she is a go-getter (i love this about her). she was up on the third try! after watching emilie succeed noah gave it a try. i like that sometimes the younger sibling leads the older.

emilie water skiing 8/02/10

at one point we were on the boat and noah was preparing to go inter-tubing.  gramps asked noah if i was going to go with him.  noah responded, "oh no, my mom won't go in the water because she doesn't like to get her hair wet."  yes, i'm one of those moms.  i dislike my undone frizzy lake water hair, but not as much as i dislike being that mom.  so as soon as i heard the words come out of his mouth i grabbed a life jacket and jumped in (fell in really).  noah and i had a great time tubing together.  he smiled a lot and said, "thank you mommy."  he told me, i "earned a lot of cool mommy points for going tubing" with him.  cha ching!

tubing with noah
(note to self; do not wear a  tankini two piece when tubing.  thankfully noah was still hanging onto his tube as i fought to keep the bottom portion of my suit on). 

noah has now filled his school backpack with his binder. he is walking around our 1650 sq ft house with it on.
have i mentioned our house is for sale? it has been for sale since february.  if you want to buy a cute house for under $200 thousand in california than this is the house to buy!

before we were at bass lake, noah and emilie were at yosemite sierra summer camp for two weeks. josie did some fun stuff while they were away too.  i'll save that for another post.

we're going camping next week (told you we were going to suck all the enjoyment out of summer we can).  i loath camping.  it is my least favorite thing to do.  in addition we are going camping at a couple of beaches.  i hate myself in a bathing suit as much as i hate camping.  my family loves sleeping in a tent, smelling like smoke, and parading around in their bathing suits, so i'm going to take one for the team.  their dirty smiling faces, and 2 s'mores a day will make it all worth it.

speaking of s'mores, have i mentioned that i love s'mores.  gooey marshmallow, chocolate, and graham crackers.  when noah and emilie were at y.s.s.c.,  josie and i had s'mores for lunch one day... maybe i wouldn't dislike myself in a bathing suit if i ate something other than s'mores for lunch.

it's 10:08 a.m., is that too early for a s'more?

well that is enough randomness for now.  i'm off to spend the next two hours picniking and loading the videos for this post... and probably to eat a s'more or two.

happy tuesday!


togetherforgood said...

I don't think enough words can be written to describe my deep love of the s'more. Way to be the cool mom, even if it did mean your bottoms fell off. (baha that sentence cracked me up.)

Paige said...

I cannot even begin to tell you how GLAD I am that you are alive and posting again! :) You had me worried...I even had to dm your sil on twitter to make sure you were ok! :)

I love that you let the hair take one for the team and went tubing (and bottoms are totally optional when tubing, I think). :)

And I LOVE the videos!!!! I love hearing what you sound like... which makes me think I will NEVER put a video on my blog because you would die laughing at my accent!

Glad you are back to the land of the living!


Tasha said...

Oh, that was fun to read! It sounded like a great family get away. I am glad I am not the only Mom that doesn't like to get my hair wet. Way to earn some mommy point though by going in :)

Jennifer said...

I just cried. After watching the videos and seeing the pictures of all the people that I love and miss and very rarely get to see, the tears fell. Half sad and half happy tears. I miss you guys and I miss Bass Lake. Now I'm crying again!