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Monday, October 11, 2010

October Simile

How to write a simile- jones style.
first,  get dry erase markers to write on a window.
second,  pick a topic (we chose October). 
  next, make a list of adjectives and comparative nouns that fit your topic.
 then, write a simile. 

(topic) is...
as (adjective) as  (comparative noun)
as (adjective) as  (comparative noun)
as (adjective) as  (comparative noun) 
repeat as many times as desired

October is...
as flaming as Autumn leaves
as thrilling as Halloween costumes
as decadent as candy
October is...
as bumpy as a hayride
as bright as a pumpkin patch
as yummy as candy-corn
as exciting as a corn maze



Simply Sara said...

That's it. I've decided.
I'm sending my kids to your school.
You are the coolest teacher ever!

Tasha said...

I wish I went to your school. Look at what they get to wear to school too. I love it. What a fabulous idea....and look what the results were. Beautiful. I could just feel fall reading them. You are one good teacher.

Anonymous said...

My granddaughters are so beautiful.

Stacey said...

I agree with Sara and Tasha. Maybe you could just teach over Skype or something?? :-)

Paige said...

You rock. I am a teacher and I wish I went to your school. :( Sadly, it would be a whopper of a commute, though.

You are so cool.


Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

What a beautiful family activity.

The Musacchio Project said...

I love this lesson!!! What a great idea it is to have them write it on your back door where they can look at it everyday and add to it when they come up with a new one!

togetherforgood said...

That is so awesome. :)

denise said...

Fun, fun, fun! I love your ideas.

Now - thanks to your Josie - I'm hungry for some of that yummy candy corn.