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Thursday, October 21, 2010

an old friend with a birthday and a convertible

last weekend (which in blogville was forever ago) we joined friends, jeff n' kelly hayes, for a date night to celebrate jeff's birthday.

i've blogged about jeff a number of times.  he and i have been friends for a hundred million years... well since 1985!  back when ronald reagan was president, "back to the future" hit the big screen, and every little girl wanted a cabbage patch doll.  when tears for fears was singing "shout," madonna was singing "crazy for you", and everyone was singing "we are the world."  yep, jeff and i have been friends for. ev. er!

25 years (gulp)!

jeff and i had similar upbringings. both our stories could have played out tragically, but God rescued each of us, and lead us into victory. 

over the years i have watched jeff overcome, seen him lavish love on his wife and boys, and have taken notes from him on how to be intentional in my walk with God.  seeing him live his life in faith thrills me to no end!

it has been a gift to grow up with jeff, but it has been a greater gift to grow up in Christ alongside him.

we celebrated jeff's birthday with a ride in his 1964 convertible corvair! 
this was my first time ever in a convertible (sad, i know).  i envisioned myself riding in his convertible with a scarf beautifully framing my face, large sunglasses shading my eyes (you know like all the glamor girls do in the classic movies).  but it ended up like this.

 next time i will use duct tape to secure my scarf.

after i tamed my hair, we enjoyed a delicious italian dinner together. after dinner jeff was serenaded howled happy birthday.  
when the dinner festivities were done we went out to the parking lot where i could be found drooling (yes, literally) over jeff's car (whose name is ginger) a bit. i think i'm in love (you might recall i have a bit of an obsession with old cars).


eventually the gang pried me away from ginger, and we went geocaching (another first for me)!


Thea Nelson said...

I had a big smile on my face while reading this whole post. Love that God held victory in store for you and for him. Love the scarves. Love the car. Love the people riding in it! Delightful!

deb said...

I was thinking of you today...
hoping you were happy busy and not getting a root canal or something.

this is fabulous. you all look so so happy.

Lelan @ Good Gravy! said...

Very cool!

Tasha said...

That post just made me happy. There is just something wonderful about good friends who have been in our lives for a long time. It sounded like a fabulous double date and a that car did look pretty fabulous. I too love old cars. I think my love comes from driving them as a youth. My dad recently has fixed up an old porsche and every single time I get into it takes me right back to high school. My car wasn't a cool porsche, but an old B2 Datson. So, my dad's car is cool...but it has that old old smell...the same old smell my datson had...and I love it.

Kristen said...

fun fun fun! maybe jeff will let you drive the car for your birthday :o)

Alexis said...

Love the scarf look! I will now be singing Shout...Shout...Let it all out. today. ;)

Presley family said...

How fun!!! How can you not smile while you read this post. There is something so magical about friends that have been part of your lives for so long.

Simply Sara said...

so fun!
you ladies totally rocked the scarves :)

The Writer Chic said...

That last pic is AWESOME. I love it! Thank God, literally, for friendships like this.