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Monday, April 9, 2007

"I Didn't Find My Friends, The Good God Gave Them To Me" Ralph Waldo Emerson

The kiddos and I spent the day with the Hayes family- Jeff, Kelly, Simon, and Elliott.

Jeff and I have been friends since Jr. high (he had a crush on me. I'm sure it was the feathered hair, pegged pants, and Keds that wooed his little boy heart).
I have enjoyed how our friendship has changed over these 20 years (wow!). We were new Christians together, both from broken homes, both in need of a Father. We both wanted more, and fixed our eyes on Jesus, and ran for more. What a delight it is to see the "more." To see him with a wife he adores (Kelly Rocks!), to watch him play with, and love on his children, to see a man faithful to God. He is all the Jeff I hoped he would be.


Lisa Leonard said...

Good to see you again on Easter and get to know you a bit. Love the pics on your blog!

Theresa said...

Welcome to the blogosphere Denise! You have a sweet, sweet family.

May God continue to bless you on your new blogging journey. You're gonna love it.

John H. Watson said...

Hi Denise and Michael (and other Joneses!).

Glad to see you have a page up, I've put it on my favorites. Hope you guys are doing great . . .