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Monday, April 9, 2007


We had an enjoyable Easter Sunday in S.L.O.

As we headed home we made a stop at WINCO (grocery store). Standing in line ahead of me was a woman, with her husband and child. She had a look of desperation on her face (I've worn the face many times, and quiet a few times at the grocery store). It was obvious that she didn't have enough funds to purchase her groceries. The checker continued on scanning my groceries, as the other woman looked frantically through her purse. As the checker continued to scan I said, "let me pay for her groceries too." The checker seemed puzzled, and questioned me, then finally let me pay. The woman, still distracted, had no idea until the checker told her it was payed for. She attempted to hand me money, I smiled, said no, and wished her a Happy Easter- wanting to say so much more.

It wasn't the worship, or the message, or the Easter ham that stirred my spirit this Easter Sunday. It was a woman in a grocery store that reminded me that Jesus Saves. He has saved me not just from sin- He saves me everyday as He overcomes the world, and breathes new life into me.


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