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Monday, March 10, 2008

6 and one month!

Remember when they were babies, and every month was a celebration? When my babies were one month i'd bake cakes, and we'd celebrate cooing, head lifting, and good stretches of uninterrupted sleep. For the second, third,and fourth months we'd celebrate smiles (which were not gas), lying on the tummy, rolling over, and again good stretches of uninterrupted sleep. By months five and six we were celebrating a bit of rice cereal and the commando crawl. Months seven, eight, and nine brought a tooth, followed by another, there were also the sounds of "mamamama" (which clearly stated who baby loved best), there was also the ever popular backwards wave, and if teething wasn't too bad longer stretches of uninterrupted sleep. In month ten baby was giving hearty belly laughs, eating all sorts of orange things from jars, and pulling him/herself up to stand. I usually spent month eleven sobbing because it was almost over, thankfully there was a party to plan.

So today Josie is 6 and one month. She has spent this past month excelling in her reading (i think she is ready for college now), perfecting her rollerskating, and learning to ski. Josie expresses her vocal ability while singing the same tune over and over and over and over and ... and again while letting her big sister know she is not so little (yelling, aahhh!). She is also expressing her individuality- she has decided mismatched socks are her thing, and daily surprises us with her take on sock fashion.
If you know me, than you know i can be a bit o.c.d. (obsessive compulsive), mismatched socks are typically prohibited. But i let it go, and i let her be her Josie self. One small step for Mommy, One giant whimsical step for Josie.

Apparently it's an epidemic, look what my mother found for Josie (packages of 3 mismatched socks, these were found at Gottshalks).

When I was One I had just begun
When I was Two
I was nearly new
When I was Three
I was hardly me
When I was Four
I was not much more
When I was Five
I was just alive
But now I am Six
I am clever as clever
So I think I'll be six now for ever and ever

A.A. Milne


Sarah Markley said...

I love this...and I too have a whimsical six year old. Josie sounds delightful =).

Kristen said...

The sock thing would drive me crazy too - i would let it go at home but i would have a hard time letting the mismatched socks be out in public :o)

The socks rock Josie - you have such a fun sense of style :o)

nikki said...

I too also mismatch my socks on a regular basis ! I just love Josie's sweet smile and fun personality !

BethAnne said...

I, too, would be against the mismatching of socks (or anything else). But, I suppose it is necessary for kids to have their own identity . I think it is funny that all the socks are not the same size either - some are tall and some are short - I dont see how she can stand it! Kids are funny arent they?

mary said...

Okay, so this morning I was getting Autumn ready to play outside and I put socks on her that didn't match (you know the endless saga of lost socks). She immediately pointed out the mismatch and told me it was wrong, that the purple sock didn't go with the white sock. I had to convince her that it was okay, that she was only going out to play and I needed to do laundry! She adjusted and went out to play. So I'm thinking I may not have the mismatched sock issue with her. Although I love that Josie is expressing herself that way. I used to argue with my mom that red and pink matched. It drove her crazy.

Is this the difference between an oldest child (Autumn) and the youngest (Josie)?

Jennifer Partin said...

Oh Denise! Josie would fit right in among the Japanese! (anything goes here in fashion!)

Do e-mail me---I'll have to send Josie some fun socks from here! And what a novel idea---the mismatched sock set! :)