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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Allergic to March

March is beautiful. I have spent many days gazing out my window, dreaming i was running through these hills.
As i was dreaming, i pictured myself in a long, flowy dress singing as if i were Maria from the Sound of Music. And why wouldn't i sing? Everything is in bloom; lupen, white, bright yellow, and orange wild flowers, and the trees which sprout new leaves each day. The days have been sun shiny and warm with much opportunity to be outdoors.

However, i think i am allergic to March. For the past few years i have become a bit more irritable, annoyed, and blah in the month of March. i am sick of home schooling, unmotivated, short fused, and blah. My hair looks drab, my skin is pasty white, and the holiday feasting is showing, and did i mention i feel blah. March, to me, is like a toddler in the "terrible twos," it pushes me to unbearable limits, but it is so cute you can't help but love it. i hear that some of what i am feeling might also be referred to as "spring fever." Call it what you will, thankfully there are only two more days till April! And i have decided that i will not feel this way in April, because i am not allergic to April (i think).

I decided this past week (spring break) to get away from the routine. The kids and i spent the week visiting with my mom and sister.

One day we visited two of my favorite places ever (i have fond memories of going when i was a child) Columbia State Park, and Knights Ferry.

Columbia State Park is a little town that is set in the late 1800's. We enjoyed visiting the old school house, the blacksmith, bank, dentist office, and mercantile. The kids are learning about the Civil War this year, and i think this helped them wrap their minds around what that time in history looked like.

We also visited Knights Ferry. I use to say, "my great great grandfather owned Knights Ferry." He had come from the Azores, and worked in that area, and as payment he was given a good bit of land, which is now Knights Ferry (he later sold that land and returned to the Azores).

Knights Ferry is a beautiful 20 mile drive away from
Oakdale (the town i grew up in). When I was in high school I loved to go there and just be, take in the beauty, and date God ( and yes, when i ditched school, that is where you would find me). Most importantly, Knights Ferry is the place where Michael asked me to marry him. Right here on this covered bridge.

What a treat it was to be there now with our 3 children.


Kristen said...

YEAH! It looks like a fun break. I am glad you got a break and were able to visit with family and your favorite spots. I loved Knights Ferry - looks so cool!

I found I was more than ready for a break this year as well. Now to get motivated to start school tomorrow!

Your description of March being like a toddler in their terrible twos - made me laugh. I had never thought of it like that before - a great analogy!

Linda Vujnov said...

Great break! I dreading the return to school

Alana said...

For me it is the fact the knowledge that I only have a couple of months left before swimsuit season and the realization that that is NOT ENOUGH TIME to do what I gotta do to feel good in a bathing suit. Sorry. Had to vent a little.

Your trip looks like fun...loved the story about Knight's Ferry.

debbiewhitlock said...

These pictures are beautiful!

BethAnne said...

How fun is that? That should have helped you get over the March blahs!! I am with you on the dull hair and pasty skin. I bet your kids thought it was neat to see where dad proposed to mom too.

Earen said...

I dislike the funks....January is my month & yet I've decided that I'm praying against that for next year. It does sound more like spring fever for you though! How lovely your time away looked & so glad you got to get out & enjoy God's creation. Looks very romantic too! :-)

mary said...

We love Knights Fairy and Columbia. I miss that area! I guess there was something good about living in Oakdale, the cowboy capital of the world (or so they think)!! Love you friend.

Sarah Markley said...

This is sooo cool! I want to go there...all of those places!

Jennifer said...

We're all allergic, but mostly the "for real" kind. Yes, spring is too cute - I want to reach out and pet it all the time, open the windows and doors and invite it in - but we always pay for it. Sniffles, coughs, and congestion, bleh.

Spring fever for me hits a little later, and boy, then it's an UPHILL battle to the end. May feels like the "what's the point" month for this homeschooling mommy! :)

But that's the beauty of homeschooling - we CAN chuck it if we want. I'm going to chuck it Wednesday and Friday to have some fun myself. Wanna come?

lindsey said...

so sweet denise! glad to see a picture of places you've described before. and your mom's haircut is so cute!

Jennifer Partin said...


I'm so glad that you were able to get away and enjoy some time with your mom, sister and children! I
hope it was just what the Dr. ordered! It sure looked like it to me. :)

How romantic----the proposal on the bridge, the children in the photo. Ah....

And THAT cracked me up! The whole allergic to MArch but not April. I'm still laughing!