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Monday, March 24, 2008

Wrap Your Arms Around Him Who Made You

Let us love Him! Let us love Him! He made us, and He is near. He did not make things and then walk away. He remains intimately involved, and all things have their being in Him.
See Him.
There He is, where truth is loved. He can be found within the very heart, even if the heart strays from Him.
Go back into your heart and find him sinners. Wrap your arms around Him who made you and hold tight ....

True Life came down to us and bore our death. By the abundance of His own life, true Life killed death.
And the voice of true Life thundered.
He shouted to us to return at once to Him.
He called us to the secret place from which He came.
His journey took Him first to the virgins womb.
There He took up mortal flesh of human creation.
He adopted mortal flesh, so that it might not be forever mortal. He embarked into life as a bridegroom into his marriage, knowing the joy of freedom that a great distance runner feels to launch out on the course.
For He never slackened his pace. He ran on.
and He shouted on.
His words and deeds clamored.
His death and return to life roared.
His decent from the Father and His ascent back cheered.
The Life cried out to us to return to Him. When He did leave the world where our eyes could see Him, it was so that He might return to us in our heart. He left that we might find Him. He departed, and -surprise!- the heart is where He reappeared.

St. Augustine


Earen said...

I hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday, Denise! Thank you for sharing this today...I needed that reminder to wrap my arms around Him today....

Sarah Markley said...

Beautiful and timely. Thank you Denise.

Linda Vujnov said...


Kristen said...

Beautiful - i love that!

I hope you had a wonderful and blessed Easter!

Jennifer Partin said...

What precious words to wrap our minds around! :)

Happy Easter every day friend!

the donG said...

To God be the glory!