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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Simply Sara

Earlier this week i Skype met Sara Haynes from Simply Sara.

I have adored Sara since we first “met” in blogville.

She is lovely.  She is Intentional about her relationship with God, her husband, and her 3 (almost 4) children. 

She has spoken much truth and encouragement into my life via blogville.  I have come to cherish the internet moments we share. I am dyeing to meet her in real life!  I know I will. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I am certain I will.  What a day that will be (I’m sure I will vlog it)!

Sara and i blog met around the time i wrote a post titled  Birth Story.  In that post i conveyed the importance of telling our "birth stories" of  how we came into a relationship with our Savior, Jesus.  I expressed in that post that just as mothers delight in retelling the stories of how their children were born again and again, God also wants to retell again and again the story of how we came to life in Him!  We are His voice, we must tell that glorious story.

Sara’s birth story is testimony of God rescuing, redeeming, and lavishing His love on His children.  

The video below is Sara, being God's voice retelling her birth story!
Let the video load while you pour yourself a cup of joe or tea (that’s what Sara is drinking).
Then settle into a cozy seat, and share in the wonder of new life!

(Sara recorded this for me last spring. Now is the perfect time to share it). 

What is your birth story? 
I'd love nothing more than to hear it. 

To read my birth story visit here

Be sure to hop over to Sara's blog, and stay for a while.


Simply Sara said...

ahhhhhhh! it is so weird to watch myself on video. i'm a little (or more accurately a LOT scared that you posted this. eek! i guess it's time to get over some more insecurity :)
oh, and i promise i don't blink that much in real life...i think.

oh denise, i love you. you are so so beautiful and i am so glad we met in blogville :)
can't wait for our next skype date.

and i really REALLY can't wait until we can figure out a way to meet in person.

miss you friend.

Lynn said...

What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing this...both Sara and Denise! You both have a passion for Christ that is contagious.

Alexis said...

Contagious is right! What a testimony and may we all gather as strong women in Christ encouraging our husbands, raising our children and living by example to spread this contagiousness! Is 'contagiousness' a word???? Thank you BOTH for sharing!

denise said...

Wow, I loved hearing Sara's testimony - how Jesus rescued and redeemed her after she'd experienced such brokenness. I love that we're family because of Christ.

I've just recently started following Sara's blog and have been so encouraged by her sweet honesty about her walk. And Denise, I feel the same about you and your own testimony. Thank you both for sharing your lives and your faith.

Kristen said...

i am glad you posted sara's video. i remember reading her birth story but it is awesome to hear her tell it... and get to hear her sweet voice.