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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Song Would You Sing If You Were On American Idol?

so this is our last day of vacation!!!! (i am singing that as i type it)

there were many options for the title of this post (as you will see from the entertaining video)-
Fortune Cookie Pancakes
Man Enough To Be your Woman
My Butt Looks Good In These Jeans

I Do Not Have A Minnesotan Accent

so tell me What Song Would You Sing If You Were On American Idol?(btw- did you notice how spinner mentioned that my fortune cookie meant i'd have my chance on american idol. the statement is funny seeing now how the remainder of the day played out. spinner what else can you tell me about my future?).

we visited the holocaust museum, the smithsonian castle, and the capitol.if you are ever in d.c. you must visit the holocaust museum (not recommended for young children). it beautifully and honestly honors the lives of those who tragically lost theirs. as we walked through michael tenderly talked emilie and noah through the devastation they saw. it is unfathomable.
At one point in the museum there was a bridge to cross, on each side 4 story high walls were covered in beautiful, pre- holocaust, pre-hitler, life telling photos of those who had lost their lives.

as home schooling parents we feel fortunate that we have had (and have) the opportunity to walk through history with our children. we get to teach them the Truth on which our country was founded. we lead them through the many stories of victory, defeat, and perseverance. with honesty we explore how our history makes us laugh, cry, scream, and HOPE.
as we teach them we take into account that we are raising tomorrows leaders. we know that by looking at our past we are making an investment in our future.
and we hope, for the future of this nation- this "one nation UNDER GOD."


Heart2Heart said...


You are so cute with all your captions listed below your title. My oldest daughter went to our Holocaust museum here in Southern California and it touched her forever, especially when her guide was one of the survivors and showed all the students her number on her skin.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Simply Sara said...

Unfortunately I'm under that same singing law

Love the interviews with complete strangers!
You make me laugh, Denise!

joy said...

Hi, Denise, I think that book I blogged about would be a good read even if your kids are older than mine. Look it up on Amazon and read the description. She has another book, too--the ministry of motherhood. So, check that one out, too.

Sharon said...

the Holocaust museum is one of the most haunting, powerful and tragic places that I've ever been, and I agree with you that everyone should go there. And what a privilege you have to share history with your children, pointing them to the ONE who can wash us white as snow!

(maybe that's what I would sing on American Idol!)

denise said... first real visit to your blog and I'm kind-of wondering about your sanity after watching that video :) I can't believe you were asking complete strangers to sing on camera! I was dying - DYING - when I got to the Minnesotan accent part. My husband had to come into the room just to make sure I was okay.

Okay, now I'm done laughing...on a more serious note. I have been to the Holocaust Museum and it's a very sad place. I'll never forget the shoe exhibit.

Sarah Markley said...

i would sing, "I Miss My Friends Denise And Kristen" or "I Pretty Much Live In Starbucks And In My Car" or "I Have a Tiny Bladder" (oops, did i just say that on the internet?)

Kazzy said...

I would sing Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me". I think it is full of raw honesty and emotion.

And I am from the DC area and love to visit too. It is a cool cool place. I am glad you had a great experience.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Fun to meet another Azorean sister! I would really like to go there someday. I have been all over Europe, but haven't made it off the coast yet.

ps speaking of singing... I out up a musical post every monday, so stop back by sometime. :)

Alana said...

You are just cute!

Kristen said...

i am under that singing law - but sarah i love your first song choice and i totally could sing your last song choice too;O)

this video made me laugh. i am so glad that connie told you where she was from in MN - i know Medford, Minnesota.

you are the best! loved this video... it might be my favorite.