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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Walking On Sunshine, Woa Oh, And Don't It Feel Good

yer gonna wa- unt to pop yerself some-uh that their popcorn (hit load, whiles you wait), then plop yerself down in the lazy boy-oy, cuz this here video's a bit on the lo-ong side of thangs.
join us whiles we visit with betsy ross, 'sperience our first philly cheese-steak, sang the "fifty, nifty united sta-ates song," walk on some uh that there sunshine, play fish, and have supper on the chesapeake bay.

and this here is my new blogging voice (don't worry it's just for this post). after 11 days back east (most of them spent with spinner and ginger- south carolina natives) i seem to have developed a bit of a tu-wang.

order your own "cockade" ( as seen in the video).
from the Pleated Poppy or Joy's Hope.

and can you tell me which state i left out when sangin the "fifty, nifty, united states" song?
i'll give you a hint... it was the name of a broadway play.


Kristen said...


did you run up the steps at the library like Rocky??

your Layers tank looks great with your cockade :o)

i love watching you rock out in the car.

i haven't ever been to Maryland. it looks beautiful. i need to add it to my places to go list.

Sharon said...

WoW! Looks like you had quite the road trip! Annapolis is one of our favorite places (hubby almost went to the Naval Academy - I'm glad he didn't though since I met through college!) and can't say enough about Philly. Cool beans.

We're heading west next month to see our old stomping grounds in Chico and Oregon. I can't wait!!

So glad Erin "introduced us" - gotta love the internet!!

Denise said...

kristen, i have a poor recording of us driving by the philly art museum, where rocky ran up the steps singing "getting stronger." it was $10 just to park outside the museum. since we had no desire to enter the museum, and i just wanted to box on the steps, we couldn't justify the $10 parking.

when a good song come on you've got to rock out! :-)

my good friend jeff tells me that my layers tank looks like a s.y.t.y.c.d. man dance top.
it kinda does. but i like it anyway!

Family Jules said...

You realize now that I must have my own spinner and ginger dolls when i visit the museums that will spout off facts and comments.

Simply Sara said...

LOVED the full out rockin' in the car! Complete J.O.Y!

Can you teach me about how to just let go?! I do, but only if there is absolutely no one around to see!