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Thursday, September 17, 2009

i love Intercourse...Pennsylvania!

First i have to say i'm getting tired of posting about vacation. I want these vacation postings to be DONE! I want to get on with real life postings, and the everyday happenings of this Jones family.
But i also want to be sure to document the fun we had, because i know that later the kids will enjoy reading these posts, looking at pix, and watching their zany mother's videos.
So bear with me, there are just a few more vacation posts left!

As you can see from the title we headed over to Intercourse, PA. for a day (this town use to be called Cross Keys, but was renamed Intercourse in the early 1800's).

We were in awe at the horse n' buggies that casually fill the streets, by the simplicity of the Amish and Mennonite life styles, and by the reality that they live in today's world while holding firmly to yesterday's values and traditions. One can't help but envy the innocence they know and live in.
It is quiet odd though because in Intercourse, the Amish and Mennonite are the main attraction.
Their lives are dissected by our curiosities. Makes me grateful that my life is not being examined by outsiders. YIKES! What you might discover if it was... me without a good night sleep, in cranky mommy mode, in my yoga pants ( i don't do yoga, they're just really cozy pants), t-shirt, and baseball cap that I've been sporting for 3 days. Days i've decided to go without a shower, hair dryer, straightener, and worse without LIPSTICK (okay, really i NEVER go without lipstick, not ever). Well, let me just say, it would be FRIGHTENING!


Kristen said...

i love hearing about your vacation and watching your videos.

the store where you could sample everything... awesome! it is neat to see the simplicity of the Amish lifestyle.

Linda Z said...

So the soundtrack I had in my head while watching the video was "Tis a Gift to Be Simple." I love that song. I visited back in 10th grade...really beautiful country! :)

Simply Sara said...

Pickled watermelon rind??!!
Say whaaaaat??????