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Monday, June 6, 2011

Maycation 2011

"Maycation all I ever wanted,
Maycation had to get away"

{Maycation: Vacation at the Bass Lake house 
which begins in May but is not limited to May, 
when blog friend turned real life friend, Kristen,  
travels from Idaho to Cali. to be with me!}

We kicked off Mayaction with a meet up in Central Ca.
of the "Snow-Cheney's" and the "Pepper-Cheney's."  
Kristen's husband Lance and Lindsey's husband Sean are second cousins
{you can totally see it in the upper lip}. 
When Sean's g-parents moved to Cali they changed the pronunciation of their last name from {pepper) Cheney to {snow} Cheney, hence the nicknames.

If you have been following my blog for a bit then you know that I love Kristen for her cookies...
she is okay with that.

The weather for Maycation was HORRIBLE.

Instead of basking in the sun, we spent our days curled up by the fire.

The few moments of sunshine we had were spent kayaking and 
{yes, fudge-bucketing is a verb}.

Our  local friends Ginger & Spinner popped by for an evening to meet Kristen
and her family.

Ginger & Spinner  are awesome.

They think I'm awesome because S'more Egg-rolls were on the menu for desert.

Spinner {who likes to toss things} is tossing marshmallows to my mother-in-love.  
My m.i.l. is awesome.   

Michael Landon.
'nough said.

Regardless of the weather  "Maycation" was WONDERFUL.  
I am grateful to have a friend {who I made blogging} that wants to be with me rain or shine.
Kristen's friendship has become invaluable to me.
I feel blessed to have a friend who wants to share her life, her family, and...
her cookies
with me.


Kathleen said...

Looks like a delightful getaway! Glad to have you back, though :)

Lynn said...

This post is "cool awesome!" (to quote a favorite blogging friend). ;o)

I don't think any weather could spoil your fun.

Linda Z said...

So fun! The Michael Landon pic is cracking me up!! :)

deb colarossi said...

If I ever visit you we will still have fun even if you find out I don't like sweets. :)

I love how you love.

Sarah Markley said...

looks like you all had an amazing time! glad the weather agreed.

the kids look like they had a blast too. =)

Simply Sara said...

and now i am counting down the days to the fat ranch....

because even though i'm so happy that you and kristen got to play together, i'm still pouting a little in the corner :(


and i NEED kristen's cookies.

Kristen said...

@simply sara i will send you some :o) they will be even better fresh at the fat ranch!! i can't wait!!

this made me cry... it is the week i look forward to all year. i may just link your post except i didn't think you would post that picture of me with the paddle. i hadn't even showered.... i still love you!