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Friday, June 10, 2011

caught up

{caught up: preoccupied, consumed, engaged, head over heels, hooked, turned on, immersed, captivated} 
because michael and i were already in the bay area for the extraordinary  U2 concert, we decided to take full advantage of our babysitter {thank you tia toni!
and savor 2 days together in san francisco.

san fransisco has many appealing historical sights to take in.
fisherman's warf
china town
the painted ladies (houses from Full House}
golden gate park {which is larger than central park in new york}
and much more...
but no sight captivates me more than that of my husband.   
i love michael.
really love him.

i have been counting down the days for months till we'd be away together. 
it is him i've wanted to see. 
i've wanted him completely to myself.
wanted his hand firmly in mine.
wanted his time to tick-tock-tick-tock with mine.  
wanted his words and his quiet to be entirely mine.  
i am selfish when it comes to him...
and he is okay with that. 
likes it in fact.

it is so easy to get caught up in the kids, 
in the places-to-be-things-to-do, 
in the bills, 
in the day-in-day-out. 

so easy to become

so caught up in everything else 
that we are no longer caught up in each other...
 as we should be.


{cuppakim} said...

your pictures are amazing. so crisp and so bright!

love love love the shot of the golden gate cable. that is so brilliant!

and you guys lucked out and got some gorgeous days in the city! blue skies!!!

excellent use of your time ;)

ga said...

i hope he wore the right pair of socks!

Anonymous said...

<3 Sounds like perfection.

Simply Sara said...

yay for alone-together-ness.


Linda Z said...

Wow, you took in a lot!! So glad you had the chance to get caught up in each other. :)

denise said...

Oh, I love this post. I'm pretty sure it made me sigh.

I feel the same about my husband, but I'm missing that time right now! I keep reminding myself that this new baby time is just a season (and definitely one with its own joys as well).

Sooo glad you had time with the one you love!

Bob said...

I am so glad to see you guys take the time for each other...PastorDad

Jessica Johnson said...

LOVE SF. so blessed to live close by. we should have double dated. too soon? ;)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

So sweet! I know just what you mean and feel the same way about my husband. So important to get caught up in each other... even when life gets busy. Love this post Denise! :)

Gina said...

wonderful! I grew up in the bay, and have fond memories of day trips to the city...I've always wanted a little getaway there with my man. We had our first dates there, we first held hands on pier 39 and had our first kiss under the stars at Stinson Beach.

Jennifer said...

I love this. My husband and I try to get away for 2 days every year for our anniversary. We didn't go last year and I'm hoping to this year again. Such special time & memories.

Marriage is such a gift.

Kristen said...

hmm we have some pictures that are the same :o)

did you like the tour?? i hope it was worth it for you.

i am glad you got to have some time away with michael.

loved the pictures.

miss you!!

ps how do you get that facebook comment thing at the bottom of your page??

Erin said...

My sister was at the concert, too!
I love so much about SF. My husband is not as fond of it. So, we have not yet done a date tromping around. He's never too relaxed when we are there.:)
So right on about being caught up in each other!
(Thanks for visiting me blog!)