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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wiww, with just a bit of sugar

i'm linking up with my s.i.l. lindsey for another edition of wiww!
pleated poppy

i'm also linking up with blog sugar 11's  who will be there, because I WILL BE THERE!

now back to our regularly scheduled wiww programming...

pig-tails... should i or should i not?
maybe someone in their "lower upper 30's" should not pig-tail?
maybe i don't look like i'm in my "lower upper 30's" so i can pig-tail.
{"lower upper 30's" is 37. for those of you who think it is the "upper 30's" you are mistaken}. 

top- forever 21
pants- h&m
sandals- old navy
 kid in the background- me {almost 12 years ago}
OKAY, this is where i NEED your help.
be honest.
don't be all bloggy-nice.
i can handle honesty.

i'm going to maui in a few weeks with my husband to celebrate our 15th anniversary...

is this dress a maui yes or a maui no?

maybe "lower upper 30's" and this dress don't mix.
{maybe the expression on my face and this dress don't mix...
maybe i need pig-tails with this dress}

dress- old navy {tag still on}
sandals- old navy

 this final outfit i'm wearing whether you like it or not because it is COZY!

dress- target
sandals- target
black tank- somewhere
necklace- lisa leonard, gift from kristen {who is also going to blog sugar}
see you next week for wiww when i ask your opinions
on my maui swimsuit selections...
{bahahaha) yeah, that will never happen...because I AM in my "lower upper 30's."


The Writer Chic said...

I say Maui No -- the length seems all wrong on you. You have things your shown us that are SO much cuter. =)

Kathleen said...

I like the dress, for me it's a mau-oui. Hehehe, get it?

The pigtails are totally cute, but I like them to be more casual, so I wouldn't mix them with a dress.

Jennib525 said...

Ok, so I don't like the blue dress either. I do like the piggies!!!! You are so cute, you can totally get away with them whatever 30's you're in!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that dress is right for you. It's just not that flattering. And you're so cute, you should wear flattering things. :)

Linda Z said...

Lower-upper 30's... haha! I just I'm in my upper-upper 30's then! :)

The pigtails totally remind me of Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island, but I love Mary Ann cause she is so relatable and not all "Gingered" out! :)

For Maui... whatever is comfortable and cool! You'll probably be in your bathing suit most of the time!

And purple looks fantastic on you! Love that dress! :)

Christina said...

Hello! I've just started following your blog and I really enjoy it (I'm friends with Sara from simply sara and she suggested I check it out).
I love the pigtails! Definitely keep those going!
I don't love the blue old navy dress, sorry.
I do love the purple target dress! It looks great!
Congrats to 15 years!! WONDERFUL!

Jami said...

Oh I love your blog. See? I'm meeting more great people through Blog Sugar already!
The pigtails are great! The blue dress is not great. I think it's the length but not sure. With your great figure you can find something better. Hope that wasn't too honest!;)
See you in September.

Denise said...

i've come to a decision...
you are ALL coming dress shopping with me to help me find the right maui dress! :-)

{cuppakim} said...

LOVIE mc LOVE LOVE your piggly tails - TOO CUTE. it totally works for your hair.

kinda jeal of how adorbs you look.

i'm gonna vote no on the blue dress too. something about it just isn't working - and i'm certain it is the dress - not you. :)

{cuppakim} said...

and ps: yay blog sugar! all of these blog sugar posts today are getting me so excited. can't wait to meet you denise! :)

hannah singer said...

well are you too cute, or what?!
can't wait to meet you at blogsugar! woot! xo

Anonymous said...

oh i can't wait to meet you in september!!! i agree with the to the blue dress. you look so cute in the purple dress though :) so fun that you get to go to maui! congrats and enjoy!!

Simply Sara said...

ok. frist. those pigtails are way perfect. i adore them on you.

second- i vote is no to the blue dress. :( BUT a big hardy yes to the purple one!

third- i will totally come dress shopping with you- but i probably won't be much help, it's more likely that you need to help me out. your closet makes mine jealous.

forth- i miss my denise. we need to skype asap.

Adrian said...

Great minds think alike! :)
I love your pigtails! I also love the purple dress and I think the blue one is ok, not horrible but not fantastic. You would think finding a dress would be easy but it's just not.

the Blah Blah Blahger said...

Rock that dress! I was just there and you can find people in just about anything. If you feel comfortable in it, rock it!!!

Can't wait to meet you at Blog Sugar!!!

Four Flights said...

Can't wait to meet you in September! I'll be there and glad you will be too :)

Kathy said...

Haven't dropped in for a while and now you ask an opinion. I always have opinions :) I think the blue dress might look much better with a very wide belt. Have fun.

Midge said...

I'm loving the piggies...but I have a suggestion for you for your Maui dress. I think a dress with a fitted top like a traditional halter style would be much more flattering for you while still being cool. You have a rockin' figure and the top of this dress doesn't show it off at all!

Congrats on 15 years!!!

Denise said...

thank you for all your comments, i'm gonna try the blue dress with a large belt, and if that doesn't work RETURN IT! i like the halter top dress suggestion too.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Cute pigtails, but return the dress :)
And, can't wait to meet you at blog sugar (since we didn't run into each other at U2....i mean there were only 70,000 people there :)

Jessica Johnson said...

lower upper 30s is the best place to be!!! :) CANNOT WAIT to meet you at blog sugar!!!!

Lynn said...

You have a fabulous fashion sense. I love these posts, and love how you accessorize.

That being said, I skimmed the comments, and I think my vote goes with the masses.
Pigtails= adorable! Perfect for a casual, fun look.
dress= not so much. I want to like it, but it just seems a bit frumpy.

I love vacation. Enjoy!