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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wiww, the inside out edition

i'm linking up today 
with my super fabulous 
s.i.l. lindsey, 
for another edition of what i wore wednesday. 

i sang in a wedding last tuesday {yeah, tuesday}
and wore this little number
from my i-wish-i-could-shop-there-ALL-THE-TIME-store,
i took the photo when i got home.
{the expression on my face is so serious}
do you see what i noticed when i looked at the photo?
need hints?
look closely at my left shoulder.
still don't get it? 
what's the title of this post? 
yes. yes i did attend and sing in the wedding with my top on inside out. 
 am i awesome or what? 
{i'm going with "or what}. 

this next number makes me look like an employee at the store i do shop at ALL-THE-TIME.
let's call it the "yes, i do work at target" outfit. 
{no, i don't really work at target, but i'd obviously wear this to work if i did}

shirt is from {drum roll....}- target.
pants- h&m {they are COZY}. 


this outfit is causing me to recognize that my outfits this week leave little to be desired...
with exception of course to the two silly girls who had to get into my wiww photo shoot. 
shirt- forever 21
ruffle capri's- nordstrom rack
necklace- lisa leonard
flops- some surf shop


the next pic. is the mess on the bathroom counter
beside me as i take my w.i.w.w. photos.
i conveniently edit it from all  my wiww pix,
i figure i wore my clothes inside out AND dressed like a target employee this week
so i might at well just throw in the towel
and let it all hang out!

no matter how hard i try
{and apparently i do not try very hard}
i cannot keep my bathroom counter tidy.

yes, i do need a curling iron plugged in on each side of the counter...
that's how i roll {bahahaha, get it? roll.. my hair!}

don't let the double sinks mislead you like they do my husband~
who also seems to thinks we are suppose to "share" the bathroom.

i {heart} lush products, and this aveda hair volumizer,
and my milk-glass candy dish filled with flower pins. 


stay tuned for next week's edition of w.i.w.w.
when i wear my clothes backwards.


Jessica Johnson said...

i love you 5 billion times more now. inside out??!!!!! dying. and white house/black market is my FAVE!! always my new wedding outfit go-to. if i win the lottery, i'm going there first.

Kathleen said...

thanks for yet another giggle (actually 2, one for the inside out top, another for the Target employee comment) this morning!

Even inside out, ya look great.

And every time I sang I would check my zippers...lets just say I learned from experience.

Linda Z said...

Oh, man! The inside out thing musta been sooo awkward, but I bet you san oh so beautifully!!! I wish I was there to hear!

The other outfits you look so cute and sporty and ready to have fun with your kids... and not at all like a Target employee! :)

And thanks for showing us your counter, because I was under the impression you were 100% organized and neat all the time, and now I feel way better about myself! :) All because of your counter!

denise said...

You always look cute. Inside, outside...however you wear your shirts. :)

Janelle said...

I just adore that you wore your shirt inside out. As if I could love you more!!