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Monday, April 11, 2011

Life in the Full. Here. Now.

   This is the very day God acted—
      let's celebrate and be festive!
   Salvation now, God
Salvation now!
      Oh yes,  
God—a free and full life! 
From Psalm 118 The Message

Today I'm in awe of God Who is abundantly generous in His Salvation giving!
Yes, He gave His son so that we could have eternal life, 
He also brings Salvation into every part of our lives; 
past, present, future. 

"Jesus came that we would have life and have it in the FULL."
John 10:10b
Salvation HERE. 
Salvation NOW.

#130. for life that comes out of darkness. 

#132. 2hrs, 4 minutes, and 47 seconds of skyping with sara.

#133. sweet talk with emilie in the sunshine (she has begun writing her own 1000 gifts)

#136. a long, good, nestled into him, fatherly hug from my f.i.l. dennis.  feels like home. 
#138 tea & scone date with the girls and their dear little friend, chloe.  she is such a joy!

#142. a stranger seeing in me what i do not see in myself. 

#147 puffy white clouds, "i see a bunny with floppy ears!" (emilie) 

#149. grateful to take noah to the bus and discover school had been canceled (i love having my boy home)!  

#148 celebrating my nephew's 3rd birthday

#155. visiting the happiest place on earth, oakdale ca. for the rodeo parade!

#156. my sister and i taking the kids to meet step-dad #6, larry; his delight in them and us. 

#157. after leaving larry's, emilie asked, "who was your favorite step-dad?" my answer surprised even me, "they were all my favorite in different ways."  crazy. wonderful.

#174. Darkness transfigures into light, 
Bad transfigures into good, 
Grief transfigures into grace, 
empty transfigures into full. 
God wastes nothing-
"Makes everything work out according to His plan." 
Ann Voscamp


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a fun skype photo! :) A tea date... how sweet! The parade looks like so much fun. Great photos! Love your gift list today. :)

deb colarossi said...

I'm cryin'

Jules said...

Puffy clouds...I love that.
When did we stop noticing the puffy clouds as adults? hm.

Sarah Markley said...

love you. miss you.

Simply Sara said...

you do know that that was the best 2hrs, 4mins, and 47 seconds of my week- eh?!

love your list.

love the everyday salvation. the life to the full. here. now.
love that we are both learning to find it.

we need another skype date soon...

Simply Sara said...

p.s i stole that picture. next time i need to take one of you!

Counting Twigs said...

Love love love! Keep it coming.

Kristen said...

yeah for a no surprise no school day. fun!

look forward to your joys each week... love you!

Alana said...

Beautiful list, so grateful for the truth stated at the beginning of your post!