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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIWW, one outfit edition

to regular visitors of victory rd., this blog station is still experiencing technical difficulties (that's code for i'm crazy busy this week). regular blogcasting will resume in the near future (i hope, because i miss you).

for now i leave you with this "what i wore wednesday" the one outfit edition.

it actually erks me when other w.i.w.w.'ers only share one outfit. your one outfit is seriously so cute, i want to see more! you leave me feeling jipped!

i'm sure this one outfit won't leave anyone feeling jipped...

while i was feeling totally awkward photographing, the tune "vogue" by madonna was dancing through my mind...

"come on, vogue,
let your body move to the music...
let your body go with the flow...
strike a pose..."

obviously i got a little carried away. 

clothes- kohls.
scarf- my mom (thanks mom!)
petal pusher- the pleated poppy.
shoes- payless.


SomeGirl said...

LOVE the outfit and the rose on the scarf is a GREAT idea! You've inspired me to add more accessories. :)

Kathleen said...

wooo hooo!! You've joined the WIWW wagon! Happy to have you aboard.

Well, no question about it, love the petal pusher/scarf combo. Too cute, lady!

Jeanette said...

adorable! love the rose also! super cute!

{cuppakim} said...

denise! you are so cute. i love the black and white of your outfit with the pop of red. i don't wear much red. but you make me want to!

isn't posing for the WIWW pictures the hardest part? you did a GREAT job. i need to go out on a limb and be cute and adorable like you! :) Next time for sure!

Paige said...

I love that you are back on WIWW!!! Come back more often!!!!

And your one outfit does leave me feeling jipped!



Renee said...

SO cute! I love it all...the flats, the 'skinny' jeans, the eye catching scarf with the gorgeous red flower. The grooving to the music in your head... Perfect!

Tasha from Creation Corner said...

You are so cute!! Seriously, cute outfit...and love your hair. :)

Jodi said...

So cute, I LOVE the polka dot scarf!!! Yes, I feel jipped, LOL!


Anonymous said...

You're so cute! Love the polka dot scarf!

Jessica Johnson said...

okayyyy how cute are you? one of these days, i'll get the courage to do this. or maybe not.

elise said...

Okay, seriously diggin' the scarf with the rosette. You look stunning!

Simply Sara said...

feeling jipped.

we need to plan a shopping date so you can help me pick out some new clothes.

miss you.

and now vogue is in my head on repeat.
thank you very much.

denise said...

Pretty sure you ALWAYS look adorable. Love the outfit.

Kristen said...

polka dots... your favorite.

you look darling as usual

we need to see more!