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Monday, April 4, 2011

to behold one more moment

"The listing of One Thousand Gifts 
has me always on the hunt for one more
and one more
-to behold one more moment 
pregnant with wonder."
Ann Voskamp

#54. lavender colored wild flowers framing the drive way.

#59.  josie crawls up on my lap at piano lessons- we rock together in the rocking chair as emilie and cathy (teacher) play.  josie whispers, "i need some love." (me too, josie).

#62. has God purposely slowed down my life so that my soul could realize it is full?  i would have been too busy had i been working/mothering/managing home/doing outside ministry- too full of busy, of needing to feel significant to give thanks for every little gift.  slowed down i have needed every. single. blessing. to satisfy.  and so i've looked.  looked and found.  "seek first" and found EVERYTHING that has been added to me-soul filling. Thank you God. 

#70. cyndi- beautiful. beaming. here. 

#73. emilie flying a kite. she looks like a little girl again running with the kite. 

#74. an "early day," before michael leaves for work- he places his hand on my sleeping head and prays over me silently. kisses me. walks out of the bedroom and we whisper "Jesus" to each other.  

#80. noah finds me, kisses me. "what's that for?" i ask.   "for your mouth," he replies.

#83. brushing josie's hair, then counting and matching our freckles which mirror each other. 
God's mystery.    

#117. relaxing on the back porch with my mom (who visited for 3 days); enjoying the cool spring air, green hills, and the children playing together. 

#125. For a nice 3 day visit with my mom: watching her delight in the kids, church followed by a fun breakfast outing, seeing her cuddle with and play "just dance" with josie.  my heart removing a few bricks from the wall i've built between us; allowing grace to fill the space between us bit by bit.

What are you thankful for today? 


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Oh what beautiful photos! #59... so sweet. Time to slow down is such a gift! Yay for mom visits! Relaxing on the porch with your mom sounds wonderful! Great list! :)

Kristen said...

lovely, joyful.

i am jealous of all the green and the sunshine... send some to idaho. i am really ready for less rain/more sun but 'tis the season of rain so everything will get green.

i am thankful for your wonderful visit with your mom... yeah!

Simply Sara said...

#74. my heart nearly stopped. love.

#125. so. so. happy!!!

love you friend.