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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to get free childcare & a drive-in movie!

step 1. 
remove/lay down the back seat of your vehicle and fill area with every blanket, sleeping bag, and pillow you own providing a cozy area to lounge.

step 2. fill containers with homemade popcorn {preferably oil popped popcorn seasoned with lawry's season salt} and tasty beverages.

step 3.  grab a fully charged laptop {preferably a mac} and a movie.

step 4. 
leave kids to enjoy their "drive-in movie" while you enjoy some kid- free time!

 You're Welcome!  

 Parental Guidance Necessary!
No kids were harmed {neglected} during the making of this post.  Vehicle was parked 5 steps away within eye-shot of mother {who desperately needed a hair appointment}.
Children enjoyed the experience and have asked when they can go to their next "drive-in movie." 


Janelle said...

Such a great idea! And I love your disclaimer. So cute!

Will do this when mine get a little older and they don't need me foreverylittlethingalldaylong.


Kristen said...

i love a good drive in movie :o)

Simply Sara said...

can't wait to do this with my little zoo :)

Jules said...

Hair cut? or Shopping?

Queen of the Nook said...

We even have a flip down dvd player in our van! Yipee. I think it may be nicer than our tv in the house. We only use it for long car trips so McKenzie really looks forward to vacations to Grandma's.

Zac said...

My kids would love this! what a fabulous idea!