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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

For Lent

Goodbye Laziness, 
I'm ending our relationship.
Breaking up with you is long overdue.
You've been lounging around here in my flesh for far too long. 
Wasting time. 
Demeaning me. 
Robbing me of life with your excessive idleness. 
We're over.

Hello Diligence, 
You lead. 
I will follow.
 Follow You to the cross
To put laziness to death
For the next 40 days of Lent.
Dieing to self-love.
To be 
With Christ,

  Images above taken at the Feast of Tents 2009

  What in you needs to be put to death on the Cross
this Easter? 
What would you like to see be resurrected in you?


Kathleen said...


Today I contemplated sending a snarky message (which was essentially gossiping about another person) I hit delete. That's what I need to put to death this year: being gossipy and instead focus on goodness in others.

deb colarossi said...

peace be with you this season, Denise.

The Musacchio Project said...

Check my blog . . . I too am throwing laziness to the wind . . .

Kristen said...

Love those pics.

I am working on my lent post but it is sitting heavy on my heart. Praying for the right words.

I love your heart sweet friend.

Simply Sara said...
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Simply Sara said...


i have been in a love/hate relationship with laziness and need {NEED} to finally cut the cord.

goodbye laziness, hello diligence!

thank you denise. for leading.

Counting Twigs said...

Contentment...I need to thirst every day for the filling of the cup.

Alana said...

I love this. This is a big one for me...I have to fight it constantly with God's help. Sending my prayers that this will be life changing for you!