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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I wonder if the Spirit whispered in my almost 4 month old curly ear, 
"He's here!" 
on 3/15/74.
I believe He did. 

I am certain that at 
5:15 p.m. 
on March 15th, 1974 
this baby girl 
squealed with delight
"it's a boy!" 
was announced in a hospital room 50 miles away. 

my most-treasured friend, 
the one I would most intimately share my 
and Savior with,
was here. 
 So today
Michael Alexander Jones,
I celebrate you,
and the Author of life 
Who so generously 
 wrote you
for me.

was a very happy day indeed!  
Happy Birthday!!


michael said...

Thank you Denise, you always bless me in so many ways. I am so glad you are my wife. I LOVE YOU

Sonja said...

Oh my, how precious! Happy birthday to Michael, and a happy, blessed day to both of you. :)

ga said...

you two are so cute!!! happy birthday michael!!
...and i'm just wondering if you need a repeat on the birthday present last know, just in case you wore them out! :)

Cari said...

YAY!!! Happy Day Michael. You are a blessing and we wish we were together more often with you and your wonderful family!!! :D

Lynn said...

Your creativity constantly amazes me. Happy Birthday to your love.

Jeanette said...

Love this! When I pray for my kiddos each day, I also pray for their future spouses that God is preparing for them.
Such a sweet sentiment... :)

Alana said...

Love this! Hope you have a fun day of celebration!

Simply Sara said...

awwwww :)
loved this!

a big happy birthday to michael!

Counting Twigs said...

I hope it was a wonderful day!...and oh yes, I believe you're little soul DID squeal!

Jules said...


I think you are perfect for each other.

Be blessed.

Kristen said...

happy belated birthday michael.

Janelle said...

What a beautiful sentiment. I love the thought of our hearts knowing each other from birth. Wouldn't that be something special!

Happy Birthday to your sweet heart!