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Saturday, March 26, 2011

For One Another

This month has been PACKED FULL of living in community goodness!
And let me tell you, we needed it! 
We had been hibernating for months; knowing this was a "winter season" for these too-committed people to be dormant {It was coming strangely easily to us, so we knew it was God's will for a time}. But just as March ushers in Spring, so too has God been ushering in a new season in our lives.  A season where not of ourselves, but of Him, we take pleasure in the simplicity of community. 

"You have not chosen one another, but I have chosen you for one another." 
C.S. Lewis

Michael & Jeff
 Yosemite snow-camping trip

Uncle Pluto visiting!
Geo-cashing in Bass Lake.

Breakfast with Genevieve
Be-AWARE of ladder {0uch}! 

St. Pat's Bunko Night!
Where it IS easy being green. 

Celebrating. Longing. Hoping. Together.
At our dear friend and God-sister, Amy's memorial service
Dinner and Smore Egg-rolls with the 
Rogers, Allens, Smiths, & Otley's.
Get'n stuck in the snow at the Roger's Casa.
The kids were bummed ECSTATIC because they had to miss school
and play in the snow with Taylor all day.
{Taylor, you are coolawesome! 
Thank you for fashioning snow-wear for the kids from old snow-clothes and duct-tape} 
"Something about just being with you,
when I leave I feel like I've been near God, 
and that's the way it ought to be."


The Musacchio Project said...

Looks like this new season suits you well :)

deb colarossi said...
bring on spring and community .
you are so right.

Cari said...

I LOVE community with you! You should add "community w/o electricity" pictures. Come on over and we'll oblige you :D

Valerie Berg said...

Hi Denise! I have never seen your blog but once you 'hopped' on over to my blog from Kristen's I could link! :) (I'm not very blog literate)! So glad to get a sneak peak at your family and life. I hear about you all the time from my dear neighbor/friend.... now if I can remember how to keep following it I'll be set! LOL!

Simply Sara said...

i'm still in hibernation mode.

i love that you are living fully in community.

i think i need to move to nova scotia.
yes please.

miss you.

Kristen said...


your hair is getting SOO long.

i still need to make s'more egg rolls. my kids would love them.

you look so joyful.