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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Uncle Pluto

This past weekend Uncle Pluto (Jeff Lane) came to visit. We met Jeff in 1998 at Emerald Cove Camp (where he worked with Michael). Jeff''s camp name was Pluto, but he soon became Uncle Pluto (sometimes Uncle Play-dough) to our kids.

Jeff has been a part of our lives since Noah was just 1 month old, and has been present for 1st birthdays, births (Emilie's or "tiny tiny" as he lovingly referred to her), pumpkin carvings, Thanksgivings in spring, Hoe downs, putting in lawn, stacking wood, Disneyland trip, trips to the Discovery Science Center (to name a few). He is a part of our family. We are so thankful that God, in his goodness, gave him to us. The wonderful thing about our relationship with Jeff is that he belongs to our whole family- he is a friend and work partner for Michael; a friend, help, encouragement to me; and a jungle gym, wrestler, tickler, playmate for the kids. Everyone should have an Uncle Pluto in their lives!

This visit was especially good because we got to meet Jeff's girlfriend Christy. None of us are use to sharing Jeff when he is here, and bringing a girl in the mix could have gone all wrong, but Jeff has the right girl! Christy has a great laugh, is playful, pretty and easy to be with.
Playing restaurant.

BTW- Jeff works as a production assistant for the show Carpoolers which airs Tuesday eve.'s 8:3o on ABC.


Jennifer said...

These kinds of friendships are SO GOOD for our kids! What a wonderful gift "Uncle Pluto" has given them! So many adults are too busy with their own conversations, too distracted by their own entertainment, to notice or take time for the kids. (conviction speaking here...!) We have a "real live" uncle, "uncle Brian," who will sometimes disappear, only to be found in some out of the way corner, listening intently to a child, responding with attention and respect. And he's just as likely to be found playing cowboy in the backyard with all three. Anyone who loves my kids has a special place in this heart! I know you feel the same. We're blessed!

Renee said...

How wonderful that your family has someone like Uncle Pluto blessing your lives!!

I really like the sign that you have on the porch that says 'Welcome Uncle Pluto and Christy'. It looks very welcoming.

I also like the pictures of your house. It looks warm and a good place to grow up in.