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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Give Away!

Michael and I got a much needed date on Tuesday evening. We had dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen (so yummy), and saw Bebo Norman and Shane & Shane in concert.

Shane & Shane said this , "It isn't the words or these songs that change the heart, it is only the Holy Spirit who can change a heart."
As a worship leader I needed to hear these words again. Nothing I sing can move or stir the heart of the listener, it is only the Holy Spirit who can move or stir the heart. Holy Spirit move, stir, grow, the body.
As a mommy I need to hear this. Everyday I pray, fight for these kids. Everyday we are teaching them truth, and walking beside them answering questions, watching the shaping and molding take place. I feel the pressure to stir and move them, but that pressure is not mine, it does not fall on me, but falls on the Holy Spirit- relief! Holy Spirit move, stir, grow my children.
As a believer I need to hear this. I am never enough- this is what I battle with. I am always attempting to cause the stirring (wing flapper). I want to read Gods word because "I delight in it." I want to be a worshiper in every area of my life because that is full life to me. I want to cloth the naked, feed the poor, love the orphan, and help the widow because it is my joy to give
back to God what he has so graciously given to me. I don't want to do any of it to gain man's approval. And I want more- more of the Word, more worship, more of Jesus poured out of my life. So Holy Spirit move, stir, grow this child.

AND YES! There is a give away- Bebo Norman's C.D. "Between the Dreaming and the Coming True."
Simply pick a number. Yes a number between 1-50. The winner will be announced on Sunday.


Kristen said...

AAH! Yes, it isn't up to us! There is a sense of relief in that. Thanks for the great reminder. I am glad you had a date night - it sounds great! My number is 7!

Earen said...

I too love worship so much & that was such a great reminder...we can't force our children to follow the Lord & it's only the Holy Spirit's leading on their lives that can convict them same with worship too. As a former worship leader I remember wondering why certain people can't sense the presence of the Lord during worship, but you're right - it's only by the Holy Spirit's leading. Thank you for the great reminder Denise!
Oh, & my number is 49.

Sarah Markley said...

WE SAW THIS SAME SHOW on Saturday! Really. At the Crystal Cathedral. Don't pick me cuz I was there but did you see the girl who played with them? Alli Rogers, I think. She was great. Oh, small world, Denise. Bebo was great and so were the Shanes. Not many people know who the Shanes are. Do you know the song Acres of Hope? That song is me. Its me. =)

Jennifer Partin said...

Are you sure you are Catholic? :) Maybe you are a Charismatic Catholic!! :)
Yes, Holy Spirit come---teach us, lead us, consume us. So right you are! I am glad you had time with your husband----I miss mine.
My number is 27----maybe the baby will come on the 27th. :)

Faith said...

I found your blog through Sarah Markley's blog who I found through Beth Moore's blog! I hope you don't think that's creepy. I first heard Shane Bernard when he was just "Shane Bernard" at a church in Minneapolis where I was going to school at the time. I LOVE THEM! They really are great. I enjoy reading your posts and my number is 24.

Joyful Weddings and Events said...

I'm going to go with 18 :)

Tami Wose said...

Thanks Denise, for reminding me that it is not my job to prompt my children's spirits, but that job belongs to the Holy Spirit! Yay!
And just for the heck of it - my # is 12.

Anonymous said...

My pick is 32!
Julie Davidson

Chrissie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. We are so excited to be parents.
The number I pick is 4.

Jennifer Partin said...

Too funny----I am not sure why I thought you were Catholic. I"ve got some friends who are really strong Catholics who have such a sweet and personal relationship with the Lord but I never met a Charismatic Catholic. :)I wonder why I thought that......

Jennifer said...

Am I too late?
My number is... 37.

AND... I was just talking to my friend 2 days ago about how we can teach our children about anything, but we can't make them BE anything. We can teach them about responsibility, but we can't make them responsible. We can teach them about generosity, but we can't make them generous, etc... You're right, that is the Holy Spirit's work, and WE. ARE. NOT. THE. HOLY. SPIRIT.
You'd think I'd realize that by now. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going with 41.

Michelle Hagen

lindsey said...

am i too late? 47

Renee said...

This was an inspiring post. God is good, isn't He? I know I put way too much on myself- responsibility that I don't need to carry. I need to remember what you said...the Holy Spirit is at work!!