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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Via Con Dios!

My friend over at Family Jules invites you to post at "Mr. Linky" what you will be for Halloween. We are going to be Vacationers to Zihuatanejo, Mexico!
Michael's parents are taking the entire Jones clan (10 adults and 8 grandkids) on a family vacation.
I have been so busy preparing, packing, cleaning, and over thinking, that I forgot we are going on vacation. VACATION!! No laundry, no cleaning the casa, no telephones, no internet (I'll miss you, and Jennifer Partin there better be baby news when I get home :-), no taxi'n, no must dos- just vacation! Tanning, eating, swimming, eating, sandcastles, eating, reading, eating, laughing, and did I mention eating!

Balar, balar, labumba!


Renee said...

How fun!!!

I love the costumes, I love that you get to go on such a fantastic vacation!! It sounds absolutely wonderful.

I can't wait to hear about it!! Relax, and have the time of your life!

Sarah Markley said...

How exciting! I hope you and your family have a great time! =)

Kristen said...

Sounds wonderful! Relax and enjoy - can't wait to see pictures when you get back!

Earen said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Have a fabulous time & you enjoy yourself!

Jennifer Partin said...

Have FUN! Eat for me, sunbathe for me! Take LOTS of pictures----and boy, I hope there will be a Baby M to introduce you to when you get back! :)
I am so excited for you!! Make some great memories!!

Family Jules said...

I'm totally jealous!

Earen said...

Hey Denise!
Got the Bebo Norman cd yesterday & I have SO enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the give away! I've been blessed by it already!!

nikki said...

Have a wonderful time Denise you deserve it! Love the costumes, your kiddos are so cute, as always!

Family Jules said...

so are you home yet?
how was Mexico?
we need to talk.
call me.