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Sunday, May 2, 2010

happy 12th birthday "bob!"

12 "coolawesome" things about noah on his 12th birthday! 

1. his nick name is "Bob." there is no reason. it started when he was a baby, and it stuck.
 2. he reads a lot. he dreams of having a library for a bedroom. he says, " it will be 
two stories tall with a ladder that rolls around the room."
3. he plays so much wii that he has morphed into a wii character

4. he makes up words, like "coolawesome."  if webster  added "coolawesome" to the dictionary i think the definition would be noah. 
5. he is the BEST big brother. he loves his sisters and tells them they are beautiful. 
he also wrestles with them, and tickles them until they laugh and cry, "stop!"
6. he has a green frog, Smoochy, that resides on his pillow, and sleeps next to him each night (Smoochy is 12 years old too).

7. he is still delicious to chew on (shhh, don't tell his friends.  it is so not "coolawesome" for a mom to chew on her 12 year old son).
8. he knows Whose he is. he seeks Truth.
9. when he was 5 he said, "he was going to marry me when he grew up, and that for our wedding i was going to wear a green polka-dot dress, and we were going to have chocolate chip cake."
he broke off our engagement earlier this year. 
10. he  is like his dad. he loves the outdoors, has a witty personality, retains information,
and shows potential to "macgyver" his way out of any situation. 
 11. i use to call him "baby bear," now i call him "bear.  he use to call me "mommy bear," now he calls me "m.b." 
12. he is tender with my heart.
happy 12th (gulp) birthday noah!
you bless me.
 i'm so grateful that 12 years ago our good God made me your mommy.

i love you bear.


Paige said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!!! Those were some sweet memories...

Have a great day!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. I just love how you described him, what a great kid. My daughter would love a library in her room, too. And my son loves to play the Wii, too.

Have a great day!!

Jennifer said...

Somebody looks like his mama. :)

Also - yes, I want a library/bedroom, too. But I would settle for a library AND a bedroom. :)

Happy birthday to the boy!

togetherforgood said...

Your son sounds like a true delight.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Noahbob, Happy Birthday to you.

Your son sounds too coolawesome for words. You have a lovely family.

Simply Sara said...

Happy Birthday to your coolawesome 12 year old.

He's practically a teenage!

Loved reading all these fun facts especially about how he calls his sisters beautiful, and you m.b.
What a sweetheart!

p.s To have a library room would be the most coolawesome thing in the world. I'm with him. BEST IDEA EVER!

Hope you had a wonderful day celebrating.

denise said...

I've never heard of a library-bedroom, but it's pure genius.

Noah sounds like an amazing and very sweet kid. Thanks for sharing him with us :)

Life In Progress said...

Found you from Alana.....just have to say I love all of these, but #5 is my favorite ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Has it really been 12 years! How could I forget, his b-day is on my mom's! Happy Happy b-day to Noah!

Julie <

deb said...

oh, the Happiest of Birthday bliss , to both of you.

the two of you look so wonderful together.

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I've been reading several posts and want to say I too am feeling a sense of loss, as my eldest leaves the school she has been at for ten years, and her two younger siblings still attend, to go off to high school. As a young mother I would never have thought it would be hard once they are older, but it isn't. Just today as I watched all three walk across the grounds, I thought, its all going to change. Faith, that is what allows me to take the next step. That God has a wonderful plan for each of them.
Good Luck and enjoy your birthday boy,

Sarah Markley said...

just to let you know, my kids have actually forgotten noahs real name. they always call him bob.

when are we gonna see bob again?

its too funny.

Janelle said...

This makes me big!