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Friday, April 30, 2010

Come, Lord Jesus, Come

there are too many words, and strangely none.

too many thoughts, and yet my mind is blank.

Discerner come.   

i fear myself.  i've been destructive.  opinionated.  self- seeking.   

dwelt in the strong grip of pride.

but i have tasted grace.

Grace come. 

i'm unmotivated. checked out. lazy. 

i long for passion.  i long for stirring.  i long to be used for his big glory.

Passion come. 

i want change. 

i want dreams.

i want purpose that is visible. 

i feel invisible. but maybe that is the way it is suppose to be.  humbled.

Humility come. 

i want to kiss the Sky. 

i need the Sky to kiss me back.

i long to lose myself in Him.

Intimacy come.



Barbara said...

Yes indeed Come quickly Lord Jesus.
I sure am in complete agreement here, God bless you blog, I have enjoyed looking over it.
Stop by visit me when you can, lots of hugs, Barbara from

Paige said...

You are an amazing writer...and you can sum it up so greatly in so few words and I say "YES, I can so relate!"

My post to say the same thing would take about 893 more words!


Simply Sara said...


I need it all.

I feel like you stepped into my head and wrote exactly how I'm feeling...

Kristen said...

love love love this.

love you!

deb said...

This was succinct, passionate
and with that photo,

togetherforgood said...

This is where I am. Thank you.

Michelle said...

You are very talented Denise. This was beautiful and duly needed.