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Saturday, April 3, 2010

it's vlogging time!

On April 1 st, we camped out in line at a local arena waiting to see The Rock & Worship Roadshow. We couldn't miss the opportunity to see Mercy Me, David Crowder, Fee, and a few other bands for just $10 per ticket!

And yes, you read the title right, it's vlogging time! Since vlogging typically involves me shoving my camera in strangers faces and asking them random questions (new to my blog, see here, here, and here), i didn't want to disappoint you by doing anything other than that. Because it's Easter weekend, i thought the best question would be, "how did you come to know Jesus?"

So go pop some popcorn, and enjoy hearing some fellow line members share their birth stories, followed by a shout out to Victory Rd. from the band Fee.

Read my birth story here.


Simply Sara said...

I wish you could have seen my face as I watched!
Grinning from ear to ear like a crazy woman :)
I LOVE hearing birth stories. They are all so different and all so beautiful. I could sit all day and listen to them. Really, if I could buy a DVD of people just sharing their birth stories I would.

God is so fun.
And so are you!
(and why can't you live closer?!)

Happy, happy Easter friend!

Lynn said...

You don't have a shy bone in your body. So fun!