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Saturday, April 10, 2010

birth story

Originally posted March 13, 2009.

i was scheduled nearly a year ago to speak for a MOPS group this week.
i'm not a public speaker. i think people can be confused by the fact that i love to sing and lead worship. i think they get confused because i am a public talker (uh huh, i tend to have lots of thoughts and opinions).  just because i sing publicly and talk publicly doesn't mean speaking publicly comes naturally to me.  it doesn't.

i figured with almost a year to prepare i'd have something inspiring and God-moving to say to these mommies, but as the week drew near i had nothing.  at least i thought i had nothing.

the same friend who asked me a year ago to speak, encouraged me to share my testimony.  i didn't want to.  i believed  the story of how i came to Christ was becoming a tired, worn out, over-told, useless story.

however, there use to be a time i couldn't keep from sharing my story. I couldn't keep quiet about how God had rescued me, and had become the Father i longed for.  i couldn't contain the joy of what living in the embrace of His deep love meant to me.

but at some point i decided people were tired of hearing me.
in the past few years i have grown more and more reluctant to share.
because of this i have held back on sharing my birth story.

my dear friend spoke truth to that lie, and said, "that our stories of when we came into a relationship with Christ, are our birth stories."  she related it to how we mommies love to get together and recount all the details of the births of our children.  she said that "God loves to tell the story of how we were born, again and again, but the only way He can do this is through us."  isn't that a sweet thought?

so i shared, hoping the story of my birth would be used again for God's glory.

and it was.

and that is a whole other story. :-)

As a result of this blog post, i am beginning a new post series here on Victory Rd.  
The post series is of Your Birth Stories!  Yes, you read that right. Victory Rd. wants to hear, share, and encourage others through His story of your birth in Christ. 
To share your birth story, write or video your story and send it to me via email to 
maybe your story will bring someone to theirs. 


Simply Sara said...

Love, love, love this!
I am so excited.... it's like Christmas.

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Aww, how sweet. God has big plans for you my friend, I just know it.


Sarah Markley said...

um YES! I'll do a video for you friend!!

i'll let you know when its done. can't wait!!

Kerith said...

Love to share that story! What a great post & an encouragement for those around us. Thanks Denise!