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Thursday, May 13, 2010

it's a bird, it's a plane...

it's super hero capes! 
super hero capes

i've been busy making capes for 4 SUPER little boys.
two of the boys are my nephews. we just got word that their adoption is in the final stages!!!

the other two capes are for a friend's boys.  she and her husband are divorcing, and her two darling little boys are losing the security of family.  

making capes for  all the boys gave me the opportunity to be intentional about praying for each of them. my great hope for them in Christ is that they would know and live in the fullness of God's love- higher, wider, longer, deeper, and SUPERER than they can grasp or imagine!

when my sewing was done my girls did a little super hero cape sewing of their own
 for my "grandsons."
let me introduce you to
emilie's "son," michael sullivan
josie's "son," logan elliott 
(josie tells me elliott is suppose to have 1 1/2 "l's" and 1 1/2 "t's"). 

if you want to teach your child to sew. this project is simple and QUICK! 
logan & michael
to make your own super hero capes follow this tutorial from my s.i.l., the pleated poppy!


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Denise, you're awesome! Love the capes, love your heart.

Michelle said...

These capes are so cute. I'm going to try the tutorial for myself.

I love that you used the capes as "prayer shawls". I know that each of those little boys will feel secure in the love that surrounds them.

denise said...

That is so cute. You're such a sweet mom.

Tasha said...

They turned out SO cute!! I love them. And I love who you are making them for. They are fabulous. You are so awesome.

Simply Sara said...

The capes.
The intention.
Your heart.