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Monday, September 22, 2008

tagged and yearbook photo reveal!

i was tagged by vintage mommy to answer 7 random or weird things about myself.
so here goes-

#1. when i was 8, there was a show & tell day in my class. i chose 3 things to share- my roller skates, purple ziggy bag, and a rock that i got in Columbia State Park. i roller skated to school, carrying my (very large) rock in my ziggy bag.
i still have the rock. oh, and i got roller skates for my birthday last year :-).

#2. at age 10 i dressed in my mom's waitress uniform, walked 10 blocks to the restaurant where she worked, and asked the owner for a job. he told me to come back when i was 16.
i didn't, and have never waitressed.

#3. in 4th & 5th grade i would sing "Gloria" by Laura Branigan, and "Harden my Heart" by Quarterflash (wow, am i aging myself), at the bus stop, and at recess. i even had back up singers!

#4. as a 7th grader i was invited to an 8th grader's slumber party. the 8th graders all spoke giberish, and kept talking about "de thg n thg ise." ME, aahhh! i learned how to speak giberish the next week!

#5. in jr. high i carried a red brush with me at all times so that i could make sure my feathered hair lay perfect. this was before i discovered aqua net!

#6. i went through an Elvis Presley phase in high school. my room was decorated with elvis pix, i sang an elvis medley in Oakdale's Jr. Miss, and did a Cheap Trick lip sink of "Don't Be Cruel" for a school rally. WHY, WHY!!!!

#7. my first car was a 65 ford falcon (which might explain the elvis phase). i use to honk the horn
a lot! until it was dismantled by a classmate. oh how i miss this car (gulp)! it was so FUN, and so me (maybe if i painted my mini-van red with a white stripe it would fit me??). the previous owner even had a banner made for the back window that read "NEICIE."

and here it is, my senior photo! i sit here thinking- i spent a lot of time, mousse, and hair spray to get my hair to look like that, just so i could make fun of it now!

i'd love to hear wacky things you did during your childhood, see pix of your first cars, and see your embarrassing hair dos (and you should know this isn't my worst. the hair styles got much worse before it got better).


Shirin said...

You are so much cuter, now!

Wednesday night, Senior year, every Wednesday night of Senior Year, I hung at my friend Megan's and we drank pepsi, ate wontons and danced to screamin' Purple Rain and numerous other Prince songs until we got tired (usually around 4) because her parents were hippies who let us do what we wanted. See me doin' that?

Shirin said...

And, the last time I had a sleepover was about 3 years ago, at Deb's house, who was Megan's mom. Meg hosted. We still had wontons. We had no purple rain. Just lots of scrapbook stuff everywhere. We were too old to stay up so late, we drank wine and went to bed at a semi-reasonable middle aged person's hour.

Anonymous said...

the " Hair " is still an issue, but it was so fun.

Anonymous said...

Denise, i to remember that car, it was parked in front of our house and somehow it put itself in i think drive?? or was it reverseoh it didnthit uncle bobos truck or hurt your car?? and i to had hair do's but these days i just have hair dont's,and i really can't tell you what idid as a teenager cuz you love me too much,ha! i just want to tell you how much i enjoy your blogs they are so cute and you are such an inspiration to me, your aunt charlene was over on sun. reading some of your pages and she just called me and she she can't get you off of her mind, and that she wishes she would have done things different raising her daughter and ask me if i wish i would have done things different too and i said yes, i wish i would have spent more time with my girls, then worring about my house , well i could go on and on, i just had to tell you i love you sweetie pie,and i also admire you too. love aunt viv

Jenny said...

I love this! I used to feather my hair, too. And who DIDN'T use Aqua Net? Remember the smell? Talk about NASTY! And then it would flake if you brushed where you had sprayed.

Cheap Trick's song "The Flame" used to be on my playlist. The link doesn't work anymore.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Alana said...

My first car was a 1969 Cadillac! My Dad was a firm believer in large cars. It was a boat and I was soooo embarassed to drive it ;-)

Very fun post!

Kristen said...

i think i had the same hair in high school!

love the fun facts - i so remember the song "Gloria"