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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

eat, drink, and be "mary"

i enjoy looking at your blogs and seeing the creative touches many of you add to your homes.

i imagine us having great conversation over a cup of tea while sitting at your witty kitchen counter, or cozy-ing up on your back porch.

if you came to my home you would soon discover that i am a mary engelbreit collector.

our yard would welcome you with some "mary" touches.
our kitchen, laundry room, and girl's room also reflect my love for all things M.E.

however, my favorite M.E. items are the ones my mother-in-law, cindy, has made for me. cindy found this chair in the trash, repaired it, painted it, and surprised me with it one christmas.
this was a plain table we had, till cindy took it and painted it. we have had many tea parties, and have shared many delicious (plastic) meals at this table.

this was a house warming gift, painted by cindy! i just can't bring myself to put it outside, it's too cute!

do you have a collection?

did your mother, grandmother, or other family member have a collection that you have fond memories of?


BethAnne said...

Cute ME stuff. I have 2 ME pillows that I bought to give as gifts, but have yet to give says "Queen of Everything" and the other says "Princess of Quite Alot" ---- On another note, I was shopping today and I saw several vests - they truly are back and for that I am thankful.

Jenny said...

It would be fun to have tea with you! :)

I just browsed through ME's magazine at the grocery store today. Love it!

Linda Z said...

You have a very cute collection there! You also look as though you could fit right into one of her drawings! :)

I have always loved unusual and beautiful shells, so I have quite a few of those.

I'm sorry about the loss of you son! I think the balloon tradition is so neat.

Alana said...

Cute stuff! So bright and cheery. We collect pottery and art (of course) at our house.

Kristen said...

i want to come over for tea... well maybe hot chocolate instead but i want to come over.

i love our ME stuff. your mother in law is so talented - i see where lindsey's gets her creative streak.

Neither my mom nor grandmother's collected things. I am not much of a collector. I would need to have a place for it then I could collect it :o) Maybe I collect organizational items, office supplies....

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

That is adorable. I love it all. And I agree with vintage Mommy, I'd love to have tea with you too. Any chance you live in GA?

Family Jules said...

Oh, goodness. I thought you said, "Eat, drink and BEAT Mary."
Mary who, I'm thinking. A new neighbor? or friend Mary?. Whew.

nikki said...

When my mom, was little, she collected purfume bottles, the bottle was shaped like a little doll. I think there are like from the 1970s. And I also I think she still has some of them some where........I don't really collect anything, wait, I take that back, I collect hospital braclets! There all all from differet times I was in the hospital or had a blood test, or had some thing else along those lines done! Its sad just how many I have! I was collecting pencils from different place and stuff for a while but, I don't really do that anymore!

Family Jules said...

By the way, this reminds me that I have a gift for you. But, you have to see me to get it. I guess we will see each other soon...

unfinished said...

thanks for the kudos. i'm thankful you love ME so i can have such a fun, creative time copying the ME style.

your mother-in-love, cindy

Jennifer Partin said...

I LOVE Mary Engelbreit too!

I enjoyed the peek into your house and collection. :)