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Sunday, September 7, 2008

i'm afraid of the dark

i'm 34 years old, and i 'm afraid of the dark.

michael photographed a wedding near tahoe this weekend, while the kids and i stayed home. and here is the thing- i don't do dark well. i sleep with one ear open... okay really, i don't sleep.

first night, i had all 3 kids slumber partying in my room, door locked, keys and phone next to me (are you laughing??! it's not funny, i'm seriously afraid). i think i may have dozed off around 2:00 a.m. and woke at 6:00ish. the kids were well reasted and ready for saturday a.m. cartoons and saturday a.m. b-fast (which is michael's thing).

second night, the kids were in their own beds (they were too shuffly the night before), determined i said, "i'm not afraid, i'm not afraid, i'm not afraid." so i climbed into bed about 10:30, and sang (in my head) praise songs, and told myself again and again "i'm not afraid," i had a phone on each side of the bed, my keys and shoes near by, and an escape plan if they're was an intruder (stop laughing, it's not funny!), and i think i finally dozed off again at 2:00 a.m. ish. ughhh!

and know this, i'm not an altogether wimpy person (okay a little wimpy), but i brave through a lot of things i do not want to brave through.
but i think next time michael goes out of town, i will have a friend over, or go stay at a friends...
because my kids are afraid of me when i don't get sleep because i am afraid of the dark.

what are you afraid of?

here are a few pix from the wedding. this couple had some creative touches on their big day!

the bride did not have a traditional wedding dress, she chose a party dress instead as this was..
bride and bridesmaids on the trampoline
the bride showed up in a canoe the happy couple


Jerri Lynn @ Southern Sassyness said...

found you through blogaroni and dees...great blog! Can totally feel you on the "scared of the dark" thing - me, too! And I'm 34! I have to pray and pray just to get through the night when hubby is gone.

Have a great week!

Linda Z said...

You aren't the only one who has sleep overs when hubby is away! :) And a couple nights ago we had a blackout and I was up out of my seat locking my sliding door and getting out candles faster than lightening!

~Biker Chick :)

Jenny said...

Don't feel alone! I still hate it when my husband is away. In fact, he was in New York all of last week. :(

I never sleep well when he's away.

BethAnne said...

That writing inside her dress and canoe are cracking me up!!! Sheis beautiful!
If your husband was away at night often , you would get used to the dark......being "alert" at night doesnt make you a wimp at all.

Shirin said...

There's words on the canoe! What did they say?
Fear- in all honesty, to afraid to talk about it...
next time - come to my house...

Stephanie said...

Those are beautiful pictures. What a fun wedding!

I have a hard time sleeping when my husband is gone but I feel like if I lay down, close my eyes, and pray, I just drift off. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing but at least I fall asleep. AND I fall asleep talking with God so at least I'm accomplishing something :)

lindsey said...

you are a wimp, but so am i. and beautiful pictures!

Kristen said...

i never sleep well when lance is away. often the kids sleep with me, but same thing no sleep because they hog the bed. i always hear things when lance is gone - usually i sleep with lights and TV on - you know to scare away an intruder. it makes me feel better when i doze off mid morning.

the pictures from the wedding are great.

you know, tahoe is only about 5 hours from here - a potential meeting point??

Sarah Markley said...

i get scared too.

not keys-and-shoes scared, but scared even so. i've had slumber parties too.

glad he's home!

Jenny said...

I'm with you, keys and cellphone when hubby's away, too... I think I might add shoes to that list. :)

I liked one of your comments on another blog, so I stopped by :) Have a good day!

Jenny said...

me you really want that tablecloth?

BethAnne said...

I really dont mean to be rude here, but it is hard to keep up with the Joneses when this blog is not updated. hahhahahahahha I am just kidding!!!!

Alana said...

Bless your heart! I hope you've been able to catch up on your sleep!

Great wedding pics!!