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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

what i wore maui

i'm linking up with my s.i.l. lindsey, 
for another week of w.i.w.w.
pleated poppy

welcome to the maui edition!

dress- gap
shoes-old navy
cute guy- the dennis & cindy jones  collection
kukui lei- given to me by a stewardess on our plane.

i shared with  the stewardess  that when i was a child i watched fantasy island and the love boat.  on both of these shows as visitors arrived on land in hawaii they were greeted with  a lei.  i believed  that was how my arrival to the tropical state of hawaii should be. i shared my disappointment when i discovered that f.i. and l.b. had mislead me!!  before we departed the plane the sweet stewardess surprised me with this kukui lei ... i wonder if mr. roarke and captain stubing mislead her as a child too?  

after the jet-lag wore off and i adjusted to maui time (3 hrs of extra sleep later!!!)  i realized i needed to move my wiwm shots to to the balcony of our room.  seriously, what was i thinking!?!  first, the view outside our room was breath-taking, and i KNOW you want to see it more than wiwm! second, why go to hassle of taking awkward pix of myself when the resident photographer was vacationing with me, and could take the awkward pix for me?
top- forever 21
linen pants- h&m
sandals- old navy

hat: maui
sun glasses- kohls, vera wang collection {my 3rd pair of the same glasses}
black tank- h&m
dress/cover-up- target
flops- flojos, some surf shop fresno

top- boutique in san louis obispo
jeans- kohls-

right (worn to a luau) :
dress- target! 
strapless bra {because after 3.5 kids a miracle was necessary, and there might be a tiny chance that one or two of you need a miracle too}- macy's {wacoal} 
sandals- old navy

i think i'm going to add black halter straps to this dress for the future...
because for me "what's strapless in maui, stays strapless only in maui." 

floral lei -bought for me at the luau by my man,  
because you CANNOT LEAVE hawaii without receiving a pretty floral lei. 

A hui ho!
{till we meet again}


the pleated poppy said...

i have never ever seen you in a strapless top/dress - so cute! and i'm pretty disgusted that you are talking about getting lei'd by my brother - gross!

{cuppakim} said...

between you and the view - this is the prettiest WIWW EVER.

{working really hard not to be jealous here}

your vacay looks SO amazing.
I am definitely putting hawaii in the cards for next summer.


Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

Aloha from Oahu!! :) Love your strapless dress especially! Hope your trip was everything you imagined ( sounds like your stewardess started it off right!)

Jodi said...

I love the outfits you wore on your trip... and your strapless dress motto - ha!!

Paige said...

You look great girl! I LOVE the pictures and you rocked strapless. We went to Hawaii(all my siblings, their spouses and mom and dad) and took my crazy aunt...when she got off the plane we did leis and she shouted (and I do mean shouted) "hey look guys. Only five minutes in Hawaii and I already got lei'd!" AHHHH! so funny.

You are beautiful inside and out...thanks for sharing.


Kathleen said...

ah, just a breathtaking WIWW. You look gorgeous.

I love all your vakay outfits, perfection.

And you're right to list the strapless bra...women don't talk about their foundation pieces and we should. Because you don't want to spend $60 on a bra and hate it.

Linda Z said...

Maui looks really great on you!! :) I love all the dresses you wore, you look beautiful! I'm so glad you had an amazing anniversary!!

Don't those orchid leis smell amazing?? I watched Love Boat, too. I wanted to be Vicki Stubing and marry Gopher. :)

hannah singer said...

gorgeous! and the scenery is too!

april@gingerbread said...

it looks like you had soooo much fun! I love the strapless floral dress...but all your outfits are gorgeous!

Karri said...

gorgeous photos!!!! envious. beautiful. And I so hear ya on the need for strapless bras after multiple children!

Momma of The B.M.C. Report said...

Oh my:: I am ever so jealous of your vacation. Looks like you all are having a blast. LOVE the strapless dress!

Jessica Johnson said...

i will get the courage to do this one day... i will get the courage to do this one day... maybe i need to get out of my orange tye die shirt and christmas tree pants.

or maybe i need to go to maui! yes, that's it! :)

Thea Nelson said...

You look lovely! Glad you and Michael had such a beautiful time away together!

unfinished said...

I went over and said hi to your maui honeymoon friends, Marissa and Rick. Your ever lovin' m.i.l.