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Monday, August 29, 2011

house tour~ living room

we have lived in this 1650 sq ft ranch style home
for 6.5 years.
it is the first home we have owned. 
we've enjoyed finding creative, economical ways to make it our own.

the pew above was found outside a friends home. 
michael restored it. 
it's a perfect place for visitors to drop their things.

teacups & saucers were a gift to me from michael's granmother's collection 
 when this house was under construction we invited a 
small group of friends over one evening for dinner & graffiti. 
together we graffitied the house in scripture, hymns, and praise songs
{you could say we took deut. 6 literally}
in the spot where the piano is i wrote
"worship the LORD with gladness... home of our future paino"
we didn't have a piano,
couldn't afford a piano, 
but since i was a child i'd wanted one, and longed for my own children to learn to play. 
2 weeks after we moved in, out of the blue,  a women i was acquainted with called.
she had a piano she was going to sell, BUT then i came to mind, and
she said if i wanted it i could have it!!

michael picked it up that day. 
he restored it.
the kids and i have all taken lessons. 

the piano reminds me of all the words graffitied on this home
which were prayers offered as great hope for our family.
it causes me to believe that God is faithful to answer every one.
this buffet is on loan to me from my s.i.l lindsey. 
she gave me permission to paint it what ever color i wanted.
i'm so glad i went with RED!
{read this post to see the green frames i painted and added to the buffet}

 the last thing i want to share with you in the living room is 
the window/mirror at the entrance. 

a few weeks after we moved in michael assembled this for me
{michael is awesome! the house tour will show how he 

makes my little dreams big realities}
shortly after he caulked it, our inquisitive josie {2 1/2 yrs old}
pressed her little fingers into the setting caulk.
micahel {knowing that i am o.c.d., and NEED perfection}
asked me if i wanted him to redo it. 
the Spirit had a quick talk with me, urging me to leave it!
He told me to embrace her little fingerprints now, 
that i would love them later. 
oh! how He was right!

the piano & these fingerprints are my favorite things in the room.

i'll see you in the family room tomorrow!


Jen said...

What a great room, with wonderful, memory filled details for you to remember always. LOVE the buffet, it is beautiful. What a great choice of color for that.

Paige said...

love those fingerprints. Thanks for the house tour!!



Simply Sara said...

oh those fingerprints.
they make this mama smile (!!!)

and your piano is beautiful- the way you got it is even more beautiful.

and i love how you have chosen to display those special teacups.

but what i love most is that there is so much "family" in your home.

can't wait to come over again tomorrow!

Linda Z said...

I love your sweet house and how you have put so much thought into every nook and cranny. Those fingerprints are so precious. :)

I'm trying not to be sad that you are going to move from your cottage, but I know that you will make a sentimental and welcoming home wherever God leads you (especially if it's the Central Coast!) :)

Gina said...

I love how God provided you with a beautiful piano, and how he used your little one to leave a mark on your home too. The fingerprints are why I don't always clean my sliding glass door, because I know someday those marks will be higher and then not too long after that not there at all. It's a wonderful reminder to cherish each stage!

hannah singer said...

denise! i love it! such a cozy, delightful space. i love the piano, and the buffet looks awesome red:)


Kathleen said...

Love this, especially the house graffiti!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love your living room! Love the choice you made to paint it is perfect! and, i am proud of you for leaving the finger prints...I would have wanted to redo them also, but it makes a sweet story!

{cuppakim} said...

what a faboo peek into your living room.

so light and airy.

with bit of cherry! :)

love that red buffet. gorge.

the fingerprints are LOVELY.

and i absolutely ADORE the graffiti party and deut 6 activities. LEGIT lady.

i have contemplated writing some scripture on my door frame and then painting over it...except i don't do paint....except for spray paint that is.

maybe i should just graffiti my "decor"