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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

house tour~ kitchen & laundry room

welcome to our kitchen!

as usual i've got somethin' cooking in the "rock-pot!"
{cuz i'm too lazy to cook for real}
so you not noticed...
someone loves her some mary engelbrite.

my ME kitchen makes me all kinds of happy
{well, when it is clean anyway. which is rare}

we upgraded the builder's grade  cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms 
to shaker style. we painted them white.
we also upgraded the florescent box that comes standard in this model {WHY?!?}
to canned lights.
lindsey gave us this black butcher block island
she no longer needed
{it's awesome getting lindsey's "junk"}
it's a tight squeeze, but provides additional storage, 
and prep space. 

this mailbox sits on top of the refrigerator.
it was painted for me by my m.i.l. as a housewarming gift.
i love it big time!
{she's awesome. there is more of her talent to come}
it houses special letters & cards.


the laundry room.

this room makes me happy too,
and that is CRUCIAL!
{God knows i spend plenty of time in here}

unfortunately  fortunately we had a leak that ruined the original builder's grade linoleum
so michael installed these b/w linoleum tiles in a checker board pattern. 
{b/w checkers are my favorite color AFTER b/w polka dots}
this floor never looks dirty. 
{it loves me}

guess who found this broken legged chair in the trash,
fixed it,
ME painted it,
then surprised me!?!
my mother in law!
she loves me.

do you have a favorite artist/designer?

do you hate me because i have crazy-talented-generous in-laws?

tomorrow i'll take you into the guest bathroom
{should be the kids' bathroom, but for some reason we all use mine}.


Kathleen said...

Ack! I love your kitchen! It's fantastic. I used to have Mary Englebright calendars, stationery, the her positivity and sweet designs.

Linda Z said...

Your kitchen is so happy! :) And I've always loved your little sewing station... that was a genius idea and I wish I had one! :) My best friend from college also adores ME and cherries! She would love your kitchen and want to live in it!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

LOVE the b/w tiles and that they're linoleum! when i was a kid, i dreamed of having that kind of floor someday because it was the definition of "rich" to me :) probably watched Annie too many times. love your kitchen too, and little sewing space!

Anonymous said...

Those are two gorgeous spaces. I too love that black & white floor! Your MIL is a very talented lady!

Simply Sara said...

i want to move in please.

your home is so so pretty...and clean!!!

hannah singer said...

i love your kitchen! fun colors.
and the chair is adorable!! xo

{cuppakim} said...

ok i am NOT done with your house tour yet...but i am pretty sure this is my favorite of your spaces.

i LOVE the white kitchen. its soooo fresh. clean. airy. i wanna hang out in there.

with you and your "rock pot" ;)

and bake something with you to put in that cake stand. whaddya say?

and in college my parents bought a condo near my school - which i rented from them for a year - our bathroom linoleum got ruined too when we moved in - so we got black and white checked floor (but way smaller print...cause you was like 3 square feet) hahaha.

WAY more fun, right?

Holly said...

I'm so glad that you shared your link with me! You know how I love peeking into homes. I love the sweet design and the pops of color. Thanks for visiting my blog and seeing my silly home tour.