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Thursday, September 1, 2011

house tour~ guest bathroom & hallway

when i walk into someones home 
i want to see their personalities 
and stories all over it. 
that can never become out dated 
or go out of style.

this is the spare bathroom.
 today, because you're "visiting,"
it's the guest bathroom. 
i love the robin's egg blue paint in here.
{guess  who gave it to me? lindsey!}
with the b/w checkered floor, b/w toile shower curtain, 
white shaker cabinets, 
and pix of my babies playing in the tub.
{bottom left pic does not accurately display 
the color of the wall. ick}. 


the hallway.

back in the days when our kids were very little and we had more debt that $ {praise God for allowing us to go through that, and then leading us out of it}, michael and i came up with this creative way to display photos of our family.

matte board, clothes line, and clothes pins.

i refer to this wall as
"the wall of mercy,"
because when i am upset with  one  {or all} of my kids who has been sent to their room,
and i'm in route to discipline , i walk by this wall and am reminded of how stink'n cute they were & are,
and of how very blessed i am.
{God must have a looonnnggg "wall of mercy" for me} 

oh, they are just the YUMMIEST kids ever!!

well, next to yours, of course.

do you have photos on display in your hallway?

how & of who?

can you tell which room inspired the color & style of my blog?


Simply Sara said...

i am jumping up and down over here.
i am SOOOO excited to steal your idea of hanging pictures with clothespins :)
i have a hallway that i have been wanting to add pix to but can't afford a ton of fames :) :)
yaaaaaaaaa!!!'s the hallway that leads to the kids rooms and i need a reminder of how cute they are before disciplining them too :O

thank you thank you friend!!!

and i am in love with your bathroom.
your b/w toile shower curtain makes me all kinds of happy.

Wonder said...

i'm not sure how i "landed" here, but the house tour is fun. i have one room in my house at the moment that is anywhere near clean enough to take a pic of...laughing! happy day to you.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a great tour! I love that pretty blue paint in your bathroom! Gorgeous. And the 'wall of mercy'... LOVE it! Such a creative way to display family photos. :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

cute! great idea for the photos. i always struggle with large blank spaces and how to fill them up inexpensively.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with your shower curtain!!! I think I'm going to come steal it LOL.

That Wall of Mercy was a brilliant idea. Adorable :)

hannah singer said...

beautiful bathroom! love those cabinets!
the wall of mercy is great-love the clothespins.
we live in an apartment that is very open-no hallways:)

TDM Wendy said...

Cute bathroom!

{cuppakim} said...

your wall of mercy is all kinds of brilliant.

i don't have any photos hanging on my 18 inch "hallway" (if you could call it that) walls. but i have the frames.

and the pictures.

i just need to figure out and order the right size picture for the frames. and hang them.

but i might have too many pictures.

which means i may have to copy cat this idea.

brill, i tell you.