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Friday, September 2, 2011

house tour- kids' rooms!

the kids tidied up their rooms for you today!
i had to bribe them with my secret stash of chocolate, but whatever}

because noah's name is "noah" he acquired an abundance of "noah's ark" items when he was little.  it made sense to keep with the water themed room and give him a beachy room.

guess who helped me sew his duvet... yes, lindsey
{i'm telling you i can't do anything on my own}.

the surf board was from uncle christopher {you know the one who moved to maui}.

the desk and bed originally belonged to the in-laws but we swiped 'em and painted them chocolate brown.

the shelves {below} were made by michael.  i painted them the same chocolate brown as the desk & bed.
{to my credit, i do do all most of the painting around here}.
the shelves are great for housing some of noah's books and many of his lego creations.


the girls room

{this photo is a little out of focus. sorry}

the girls were very young {7.5 years ago} when lindsey and i {yes, lindsey} took apart a queen cherry duvet cover i had from pottery barn and created these 2 twin bed duvet covers for my girls. 

i still love them.

last summer michael and i did this faux board & batten treatment on the girls walls. we were pleased with it.

the puppet theater & doll beds were christmas gifts made by michael.
i sewed the bedding for the doll beds and made the girls' pillows {without lindey's help this time}.

the shelves in the girls room were also made by michael, as well as the silhouette photos of the girls {visit here to see the silhouette's we gave as gifts last christmas}.
the doll house was emilie's 1st birthday present.
the ME table was another trash to treasure gift from my m.i.l. the girls' piggy banks were painted by me, and given to them on their 1st christmas' {see, i share in a bit of the creative process around here}. 

visit tomorrow to see the master bedroom!

when i was young my sister and i shared a strawberry shortcake room. 
what was your childhood room like? 


Anonymous said...

We had Hollie Hobbie wallpaper when we were little . . . then when we got older and got our own rooms, mine was all red hearts and rainbows.

Your kids' rooms are so simple. I like them. My boys insist on decorating their walls with artwork. So pretty much every blank wall in their room is covered with drawings. :)

hannah singer said...

cute! love the color scheme in the girls room!

growing up, i had a few bedrooms-we moved a bit. we also didn't have much. my favorite though was sharing with my brother when i was five and he was almost three. we slept on a double sized mattress(on the floor). i remember a huge, cozy primary colored quilt. we played and played-always getting scolded for laughing too loudly-when we should have been sleeping;)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the Cherry theme! We're gearin' up to redo our kiddos rooms and I'm SO EXCITED, it definitely needs a pick me up! :0)

Jessica Johnson said...

can i just say that i've loved every one of your house tour posts. i've been a lame commenter this week but i do love all of them. can you come to my house? please?? thanks.

Linda Z said...

I love all the shelves in Noah's room... it makes all the nick nacks look so cute instead of cluttered. Great idea! :)

I remember when you made the cute doll beds for the girls... my mom did stuff like that for me, too, and I loved it!

My first room was a Holly Hobbie room with one wall of wallpaper and a green and white gingham bedspread and curtains that my mom made. :)

Laurie J said...

i love a good house tour :)

{cuppakim} said...

super cute.

i had a strawberry shortcake comforter at one point.

and a carebear quilt and matching curtains at another.

or maybe all at the same time ;)